Google Tools Workshop – MLTI Conference Castine – Day 1


Maine Maritime Academy
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The first day of the 2010 MLTI Summer Institute – Digital Citizenship

Raising the Flag – Learn about Google Tools is over.  It was a great day!

At the start of the presentation the presenters discussed with us about the issues with Google not working well with the new MLTI image due to the new parental controls.  When I tried my MLTI computer I could not access my Google Account or other Google products, which if we are going to be using Google Apps is going to cause significant issues for many schools until it is resolved.

My plan is to use Google Apps a great deal in my classrooms and if we are not able to use this product due to these issues it will mean a great many changes to what I plan to do in my classroom.  But I am sure that these issues will be fixed before school starts.

The session that I attended was:

Google Sites/Calendar session led by Sarah S. alias @edueyeview on Twitter.  It was the basic intro to Google Sites, which I really needed last week when I started my first website.  It would have made my life a lot easier knowing the information she presented, on how to create a Site and enhance it, instead having to go the trial and error process.  During the session I was able to work on my Class Portal, got feedback and help on “how to” do things easier than what I was attempting to do on my own.

Based on the feedback and things I learned in the session I worked on my Class Portal site for several hours last night and believe that it is better than it was before  the session.

The best part of day 1 is that I got to meet face-to-face many of the people that I have talked with on Twitter.  @alicebarr, @edueyeview @ernieeaster and of course reconnect with @rmbyrne.  I also enjoyed meeting with several other educators from around Maine who also are passionate about technology in education.

So day 1 was a great learning experience for me