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On July 6, 2010 I wrote my A Google Experiment blog post, where I decided to use:

  • Google Chrome
  • gMail
  • gCalendar
  • gContacts
  • Picassa

as my primary web application/software for those tools, to see how they work for me.  I have used these Google products before, but due to my school’s firewall, I didn’t have access at school for some of these items and discontinued using them.  So how did it go?

All of these Google productivity applications work well. I love that I can access them from any computer, to get to my data from easily and quickly.  The biggest issue is how I have to access them with my iPhone via the internet instead of built-in synch.  I am torn between the ability to access my information from any computer which these apps do a fabulous job of or being able to synch data easily with my iPhone.

I have to figure out which is more important and I have the feeling that the ability to synch with my iPhone is becoming more important.

Chrome:  I used Chrome daily, since I wrote the A Google Experiment and I really, really like Chrome.  However,  it has issues with stability that  negatively affect my continued use of it.

This happened all too many times since I started using Chrome.
That issue combined with the number of “Aw, Snap!” screens I had during the test period, make it so that all the things that I really, really like about Chrome do not outweigh the stability issues for me at this time.  When the stability becomes better I will probably return, but until then, I will use a combo of Safari/Firefox.  Which is really too bad, because Chrome did everything that I want from a browser, but in my opinion it just needs better stability.

Google products generally do what they are supposed to do, are usually simple and easy to use and best of all are mostly free or reasonably priced.  I am going continue to use my various Google Docs accounts, and my gReader (which I have no wish to change to anything else) and gMail will be my primary email client as long as it isn’t blocked when I go back to school, because I can easily access it from multiple devices.

How does this relate to Special Education?  It was about trying new things to see how they work for me and how I might adapt them to benefit my Special Education students in my classroom.