Tonight was a bittersweet night, I deleted the first blog ( that I ever created back in 2007.  As I have discussed in my blogs over the past week, it was time to move on, which I have done tonight.

Even though I have deleted my Blogger blogs (all but one – my ePortfolio site, because of some links that I have and do not want to lose at this time), it does not mean that I don’t like Blogger as a blog host.  It is a great blogging platform, it is free, very extensible, and it will easily meet the needs of most bloggers.

In my case there were just too many options and I didn’t focus on writing as much I did trying new themes, widgets or other visual enhancements to my blog. I have decided that I want to focus more on my writing and not worry so much about the different features that I can try or play with on Resource Room 220.

If you are very bored, I did a Jing screencast of the deletion process. The audio wasn’t that good, but it shows that I did delete my blogger blogs.

Will I miss all the features and extensibility that I had available on Blogger – probably, but I also believe that I will write more and be more focused on my blog.  So goodbye to it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot about blogging using this past three years.

Thank your for the experience Blogger.

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