Due to the problems I was having posting to my blog on Blogger last week and was making some changes to my Blogger blog.   I was frustrated about it and then I got this tweet from Rich Byrne, someone whom I respect a lot because his knowledge of tech/blogging is a lot better/more than mine is:

We went back and forth in a typical Twitter conversation.

But this conversation made me really stop and think about what I was doing.  Rich was absolutely, positively correct, I do/did change my themes and host way too often.  I learned a lot by doing all this experimentation, but there was no consistency to what I was doing.  After thinking about Rich’s Tweet I really thought about the future of my blogging.  I asked myself do I want to continue being a blog butterfly, flitting from one blog or blog host on a whim or to try the newest and coolest, loosing readership each time I do or do I want to finally find a place that

I just focus on my writing?

After thinking about it, I found that want to focus more on the writing part of my blogging than I do playing around with which theme, host or other “fun/neat” thing in an attempt to make my blog “better”.
So I asked for help on Twitter from my PLN, in deciding whether to keep my

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Resource Room 220 blog at Blogger ( or switch back to to host it at ( The results were 11-7 in favor of using WordPress as my blog host for the Resource Room 220 blog.

During this time I also went back over and re-read some/many of my old posts, about why I kept changing from Blogger to a different blog hosts (previously I have used, Edublogger, self-hosted WordPress, TypePad, Ning and a couple of others).  Then thinking about why as often as I have gone back to Blogger, it seems that I am always been looking for something else to use as my primary blog host site.

My Check out My Other Blog on 11/15/09 pretty much sums up the “problems” that I have staying with Blogger:

I wanted something that I would just blog at, not get caught up in the backend management or tweaking HTML code so that I would get it “just right”…

Blogger is too easy, at least for me, to get caught up in playing with the bells and whistles or things that you can use, find, implement and make a part of my blog.  I guess like many of my students, I don’t have the self-discipline necessary to focus on the writing part of blogging, instead of the “fun” side of making a blog look the way you would like it to look.  I need some external parameters/controls to force me to focus leaving the bells and whistles alone and to focus on the writing part of blogging. does have some definite limitations on what bells & whistles you can use and that is something that I need to force me to focus on my writing instead of trying to make my blog look great.

How many hours did I spend changing, tweaking and adjusting the theme hundreds, possibly thousands of times since I started blogging in 2007.  Time that would have been better spent writing, editing my work more carefully or researching new topics to write about.  I can’t go back and change what I have done, but I can move forward.
Those are the reasons for this latest blog host switch.  I will be working on my Resource Room 220 Blog site to update it and get it ready to be my primary blog. 

On Sunday around 4:00 P.M., I am going to delete all but one of my Blogger blogs(it is my private Certificate Repository – where I keep copies of all of my training certificates, licenses or other important documents that I want to keep).  I will loose all of the Stats and readership that I have built up over on Blogger, but I believe that it is something that I have to do and I am not really in it for that anyway.

If I don’t delete my Blogger Blogs now, in six months or so, I might be tempted to “go back” to my “old” blog.  Does this mean I won’t change a widget or update my theme once in a while – nope, because I know that I will.  But when I do it in the future, I will do it for a specific purpose, not just to try something new.
So I welcome you back to RESOURCE ROOM 220 hosted by