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I was a little frustrated last night with how hard it was to simply write a blog post and have it post correctly.  In my last paragraph I said I might look at my old WordPress.com blog.  I did and I was totally surprised by something I saw there.

The above chart is the traffic for the last month that I am getting on this WordPress blog even though I haven’t posted to it since 3/7/10.

Below are my stats for my Blogger Resource Room 220 Blog for the last month, that I have been maintaining since 3/7/10.

To say that I am quite shocked would be an understatement.  They really are not all that different, even though I have been writing consistently on my Blogger blog?  I would expect a much larger difference between the two charts, except for the past few days when Rich Byrne tweeted about my blog on Teacher’s Time – Who Owns It? did I experience a significant difference, by the way thank you Rich.

I was really impressed with the amount of traffic this blog is receiving even though I now longer maintain it.  It kind of makes me wonder if this should be my primary blog and my blog at Blogger go back to being my “other blog”

If I keep having issues with how I have to post to Blogger and it’s blogwriter software, than I am going to have to look at this much more closely.

Decisions, Decisions, Decision…I really hate that I do have these two blogs, because I always seem to find a reason to go back to the other one.  Maybe, I just need to completely delete one or the other, but which one.

Maybe I will post a survey to let the readers help me decide which one I keep or get rid of.  Which ever way I do decide, I plan to make it a permanent deletion of the one that I will not be using.

Survey to follow 🙂

Have you made a difference today? How?

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