That is a question, I have really started to ask myself lately.  I really believe that I am reading more today than I ever have in my life!  I am either reading something on my laptop, iPhone, a book, a magazine, or reading the scroll bar on SportsCenter while I am listening to the sports stories.

A typical day in my life looks a lot like this.

  • Just under a mile dog walk
  • At breakfast I usually have the laptop open and reading my Google Reader,Facebook, email, Twitter, newsfeeds then linking to all the different articles,blogs or stories that other people recommend.  This breakfast time during school break takes about 2 hours to get through everything unless we are planning to be someplace or I have something to do.
  • Work on my Honey-do list, Chores and long dog walk
  • Lunch where I catch up on email, Twitter, gReader, etc. about an hour’s worth of reading
  • Work some more on Honey-do list, afternoon dog walk.  If nothing much is going on I jump on the computer or iPhone and check on my reading lists or read one of the 3-4 books I have going most of the time
  • Supper, I usually read a book, while my wife reads her’s
  • After clean up from supper, we both settle in and catch up on the days events online, spend most of the rest of the evening either writing in my blog or reading online or from a book
  • Go to bed, read from a book or my iPhone (ebooks are getting better)
So by the end of the day I have spent several hours reading.
How many of my PLE/PLN or whatever everyone want to call us now, find that they are reading now more than they ever did.
I really have to wonder if our students are doing the same thing and don’t realize how much more they are actually reading than we used to when we were students?

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