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I was reading 10 Things All Teachers Should Know How to Do (Edited) at the Educational Paradigms Blog.

I responded with the below comment, because I believe while technology is important there are several more things that teachers need to do beyond the use of technology.

I know that we are talking about things that teachers should be able to do technologically speaking.
But all teachers should be able to:
1. Like to be around children – otherwise go home.
2. Teach with or without technology.
3.  Listen to what their students need to learn.
4.  Be collegial with their peers.
5.  Communicate effectively (orally & in written communications)
6. Read boring stuff (online or PNP) like regulations, laws, IEPs, etc. for some reason or other some teachers don’t do this one either very well or very often.
7. Continually improve their pedagogical skills – i.e. stay current technologically (your list is a great start) and classroom skills.
There are many more things that all teachers should be able to do with or without technology, it just seems such a shame to only have technology focused items, when teaching is so much more than simply using technology.
Teachers do need to be able to do the technology related things everyone has talked about in this blog, but what happens when the power goes out or the server goes down?  Then we have to be able to teach without all this wonderful technology.  Sometime the best technology is the simplest one that will do the job efficiently.  I would hate to have a teacher who couldn’t teach if the power goes out.
Yes I am a geek that believes we need to have technology integrated in the classroom, not just be a nice add-on and that teachers should be able to use technology or “old school” non electronic technology dependent, upon the needs of their students and what they have available to their classroom.

While we here in the blogosphere and twitterverse may be focus on the uses of technology in the classroom, teaching is so much more than simply knowing how to use technology in our classrooms.  I believe that all teachers have a responsibility to remain current and be able to use the tools available to help their students be prepared for there future in this fast moving world.

I would have agreed totally with Andrew’s blog completely if he had included “technology” in the title.

Have you made a difference today? How?