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Back in April I wrote a blog post  about  When Do Students Say Thank You and said

But you know there is a feeling of satisfaction when a student comes up to me and say “Thank you Mr. Shaw for …..

Today was one of those good days that teachers need at the end of the school year (I know that I needed one after yesterday afternoon – but that was a different story that will be left untold).  During the last period one of the students that I have worked hard with,  since the first week I arrived came up to me this afternoon and thanked me for everything that I did for him.

This is a student who doesn’t like school all that much and doesn’t have a lot of good to say about most teachers, so him coming up and thanking me like that was one of those things I just didn’t expect and really meant a lot.

We reminisced about some of the things we had gone through and laughed a little bit about them.
When he shook my hand before going back down the stairs, it brought those goose bumps and I had to wait a minute or so before I went back in the classroom.  Can’t let the kids see mean, old and rotten Mr. Shaw have a tear or two in my eye.
Like I said it was unexpected and meant so much to me!