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This has been a real up and down day.  After work I try to go to the gym most days, and one of the other first year teachers in our building was there and told me that he was going to get his pink slip tomorrow.
We commiserated for a while, but he is taking the high road and looking at this door closing, as the opening of another.   I feel bad for him and thought about how it could easily have been me instead, I am not sure how they are doing the lay-offs, but he got bumped in his department.

This is one of the hardest things for me to do…talk with a peer who is going to be laid off.  It sucks for them and you, because you really don’t know what to say and nothing you can say is going to make it any better.

When I was at the previous school we were going through lay-off rounds and it was really bad when the pink slip is given to someone you know and respect.

Especially when you know how hard they worked to help their students and I “know” how hard this individual worked this year to do a good job for the students he had, including all of mine at one time or another this year.

I know that I tried to be positive and upbeat today, but damn it when good people get laid off it still sucks.  This teacher is a super nice guy and I was really just getting to know him a little bit.  You know that problem with us being stuck in our classrooms most of the time and not seeing other people in action or being able to talk with anyone beyond your floor very easily.  It takes longer to get to know people, beyond just the work place.

I do wish this individual the best and sincerely hope that he and if there are any others that they do well when this door closes behind them and that the door that opens ahead of them is better for them.  I am sure that he will land on his feet.

But you know this still does really suck!