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Well I think that I have finally come up with a workable solution to my blogwriter conundrum (at least one that works for me).  As I have written several times since I have moved to the Mac, none of the blogwriters have done what I want – work as well as Windows Live Writer.  Just recently I feel as though I have come up with a workable solution – Drafting in Google Docs then copying to Blogger’s Blogwriter for publishing.

I don’t like that Blogger’s integrated blogwriter does not manage images particularly well or intuitively (for me at least), that there is no auto save as you go along (I have in the past lost almost a whole blog posts because of that), and some other small things that I work around, but annoy me.

Google docs has become my preferred Word Processor for most everything, except my Special Education paperwork.  It does post to blogs, but it doesn’t have the ability (at least I can’t find it) to use labels or tags and doesn’t integrate with Zemanta (which I really do like and helps me be a better blogger).  I love that I can also access it from most anywhere, which really makes it convenient, plus if I choose to Share with another blogger before publishing it works like a charm.

So I have begun to use a two-step process, I create my blog post in Google Docs and do all of my image editing, spell checking and other document creation chores there.  When I am finished with the document I do a Command-A and copy everything into my Blogger blogwriter, which works like a charm.  There I double-check what I have written, usually edit it some, use Zemanta to do the in-text links and labels.  I also tend to use Zemanta’s picture suggestions if I don’t have any in the post already.

I have been using this system for the past few days and while it is not exactly what I want (I am not a fan of two-step processes – one should be enough), this combination of Google Docs and Blogger seems to be working better than the other systems/software I have tried since I moved to the Mac.

I have a suggestion for Google (who am I to make suggestions to them, but here goes) either improve Blogger’s blogwriter image management system (which I and others have a difficult time using) or beef up Google Docs ability to post to Blogs by allowing it to Integrate with Zemanta (on some level – perhaps only in the share menu) or by even just having the ability to use labels or tags.  Another thing that would be great even if it worked only for Blogger accounts would be the ability to have your blog’s template available in either blog creation system.  One final thing when will we be able to connect Blogger account to our Google Apps account?  Oh well enough dreaming for one post 🙂

Personally, I would prefer to see Google Docs get the improvements, I am using it more and more and this would just be another reason to use it even more.  I like to use applications for as many different purposes as possible and gDocs is becoming that “one-stop” app for me.  It would be nice to simply log into gDocs and write my post, use Zemanta and then post to my blog.  I can dream can’t I?

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