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Typical elementary school classroom.Image via Wikipedia

We are getting close to April vacation and at our school are also finishing up Terra Nova testing on Thursday (we have been testing for 1-2 hours each morning since last Thursday).  This has meant our schedules have been all over the place as far as the length of classes, which significantly affects how we have been able to plan our classes.  I understand the rationale that students should do better if they only have to do short chunks spread out over a week, instead of doing the whole test in 2-3 days.

But the lack of consistency in the schedule for my students and almost daily changes to their normal routines has increased the number of negative behaviors in the classroom.  This is really too bad because for the most part, most of my students have been doing very well behaviorally, which has led to more success academically for them (at least that is my hope).

The thing that many people and some teachers don’t realize is that for some students – a week’s vacation from school is not a good thing.  Unfortunately, for some school is a safe haven, where those students come and for that time they are in a safe place where they can relax for a short time.  For those unfortunate students the week before a school vacation is a time of negative anticipation, where they are beginning to dread the next week and their behaviors are deteriorating rapidly as we get closer to “our” vacation.

During the next few day teachers really need to be aware of why some of their students are starting to fall apart and show some compassion instead getting the hammer out and expecting administration to take care of the “problem”.

It doesn’t take very much time to ask “What’s Up” when a student who normally isn’t problem suddenly becomes agitated over a minor thing and doesn’t let it go.  Then again it might be an inconvenience many people out there or a teacher may get the answer they don’t want to hear.  But when you see a fourteen year old boy sobbing uncontrollably, due to non school related issues, it makes you think about why student sometime act the way they do in class.  It better make us think about how you can help them rather than expect them to be punished for disrupting your class and be pushed away – again.

I am not saying that we can save the world in the next few days, but if we can even help one student…we have done our little part.

Have you made a difference today?  How?

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