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We decided to get the Jack Russell mix that was at the Waterville Human Society and Mary picked him up this afternoon. Right now he is very skittish and rather tired from all the shots he had when she picked him up.
Here is my favorite picture so far.
Joey our Alpha cat checking out Bennie while he was taking a quick snooze. He snuck in very slowly, it took him almost five minutes to go about 10 feet.
Whoever had Bennie before did some work with him, he does respond (not well right now) to come, sit, lay down and roll over. He is not hyper like other Jack Russells I have been around.

He is eating good, so far so good, now we just have to get used to the lifestyle change that having a dog again brings to us.  Bennie just ate a pretty good supper, so I guess he is becoming more comfortable, but he hasn’t barked yet.

I am glad we got him

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