Wow it doesn’t seem possible that I have neglected my blog for this long! Life just gets in the way.
Today was one of those days where every thing catches up with you…you know the headache, body ache (it felt like I went 15 rounds with Rocky), not being able to stand-up without being dizzy and having to sit down quickly, plus the other things you don’t talk about. All those symptoms that we associate with the flu. Whether I have the flu or not, I know that I got plenty of sleep today and that it was definitely needed.
So what did this well-healed educator do on a sick day at home. Get up and find that I don’t have the phone number to call-in sick, so I have to call my assistant teacher at 6:00 A.M., let her know that I am not coming and beg for the phone number. I am lucky she is an early bird and we have asked if the other is coming in that we give a courtesy call or email. But I really don’t believe she expected a 6:00 A.M. call.
Once I called in, it was sleeping time again. I slept on the couch and a various times I woke up and watched SportCenter, the History Channel, News Channels, Weather Channel and History International Channel.
I learned lots of stuff about dinosaurs, Egypt, a controversial archaelogical find about a “Hobbit”, and a bunch of other stuff. It is amazing what you can learn from these sources – independent of the school room. I also learned from the news that my nation continues to biased and shows its ignorance all too often and inability to have a civil discourse. Listening to the rhetoric and ignorance made me sick and I had to turn it off. I now remember why I don’t bother to watch the “news” on television.
I attempted to correct papers and read some articles online, but gave up because I just couldn’t focus. Writing this blog has taken several attempts and rest in between…I am finally starting to feel reasonable again, but the dizziness is still an issue.
What did I do mostly today? I slept and slept and slept some more.
When you are sick AND stay home from school what do you do?

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