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Today one of those things happened that really hits home about why I teach.
Going back to when I first arrived at LJHS, there was that one class and a few students that really gave me a run for my money. One of those students this morning simply made my day!
We have been having some really great classes over the past couple of weeks, especially since my door slamming and little “let’s talk” with that class a few weeks ago. Well this morning during my planning period one of “those” students came in and said. “Mr. Shaw, would you like this, I made it in French class and thought you might like it.” They were making crepes in French and he had put together a Cinnamon-Sugar crepe and brought it up to me.

It is a little thing like this that makes teaching such a big deal to me. It shows me that some of the hard work that I have attempted over the past 5-6 months was worth it and some of my students are starting to see me as someone who actually gives a damn about them.
This was a kid that thought I was the devil-reincarnate when I first arrived and yet today he thought enough of me to bring me a small something. A small victory, but one that was very important to me.
Crepe image: Flikr Photo

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