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I had a chance to look at a lot of my blog posts over the past couple of weeks and have come back rather embarrassed! In looking back I find that while I may have had some great pretty good ideas or observations, that my ability to communicate them in written form often leaves something to be desired.
From what I read all too often:
  • I am missing words that would really help the reader understand what I am trying to say.
  • My posts need to be more organized, sometimes I write just like I think – jumping from subject to subject and then back to the first subject without warning the reader.
  • Many (most) of my post are too long and rambling – I need to write more concisely.
  • My proofreading sucks.
  • I rush too much to get something done and published and don’t take enough pride in my work to do it correctly.
I apologize to all of you who have put up with the poor quality writing by me in this blog. I appreciate that you still took the time to struggle through my posts in order to get to the “gist” of my thoughts.
By writing poorly on my blog I am being a poor role model for my students and it also reflects poorly on teachers, by not doing the same things that I attempt to teach in the classroom. As a teacher, I need to practice what I preach.
Therefore, I plan to work on these things that I have identified and improve the quality of my postings, in the future going from 1st or 2nd draft quality to publishable quality. I will take the advice I give my students “Slow down and do it right, your writing is a reflection of the person you are to the person who is reading your work.”
So here is the start of my hopefully improved posts.
and as always
Have you made a difference today? How?

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