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Today was a horrible day at school!!!
During first period I heard one student telling another that he had B.O., and then during break that student asking to go to the bathroom. When he came back he had sprayed himself with body spray! Not just a little spray, it was like he took a bath in it, he overdid it a lot. It was a horrible smell and I immediately got a headache and light headed. The other students were all complaining about the odor, which was a lot worse than a little B.O. I know why he did it, he was embarrassed by the other student and I talked with the other student outside the classroom about being more discrete when telling a peer something that personal.
We opened the window and put a fan in it to blow out the chemical smell that was coming off this student. He is a rather needy student and I had to assist him several times during the class with his project and every time I had to be around him I felt sicker and sicker. I made it through the period with him and thought things would get better when he left. Bill the A/Principal was doing his morning rounds and we discussed the student’s use of the body spray and how we could educate him tomorrow on proper use of strong scents.
As the next period went my headache got worse, I started to get very dizzy and fuzzy headed, so I told my aide I was leaving to go outside and get some fresh air. As I got to the first floor, the Bill saw me and I told him that I was dizzy and wasn’t feeling good. I was getting confused and my head was feeling funny. He helped me to the nurse’s office and they called the paramedics and all that stuff. They asked me I wanted to be transported to the hospital and I refused that, I just wanted to get outside and get fresh air. The nurse wouldn’t let me go outside so I had to sit in the nurse’s office by an open window until I started feeling better (no dizziness or confusion) about an hour later.
I called my wife and she came and got me. When I got home I drank a cup of black coffee and took to Exedrin Migraine capsules and laid down and slept for most of the rest of the day. When I woke up I felt weak, but I went for a 2 mile walk and then forced myself to stay up and keep moving around. I feel a lot better now and plan to go to work tomorrow.
I have never experienced this kind of reaction to a chemical (that is what a body spray is) before, it was scary. At home we are mostly organic and I am not around most of overpowering scents or chemical odors. I wonder if that is making me more susceptible these kind of issues, because I do notice odors/smells much more than I did in the past. Oh well, something I will have to live through.
I will back to work tomorrow and I hope that some student’s don’t start to do this on purpose, as a way to disrupt my classes, if they do and if I have this reaction again, then I would have to really think about what I am doing.
My health comes first. So hopefully, none of the students get this idea. Maybe it is a misplaced fear, but…I still worry.

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