I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how all of these new/semi-old laws, rules, regulations and guidance in educational policy are going to affect how teachers teach in the classroom over the course of the next few years. This thinking on my part has brought up more questions and concerns than it has answers.
As teachers we have to follow the laws, policies and guidelines that have been developed for education at the local, state and federal levels and live with the behind the scene “deals” that have been struck with businesses and corporations that we don’t have full knowledge about. We have to teach in our classrooms with or in-spite of these sometimes tedious requirements that many of us believe need to be either changed to be effective or repealed.
When teachers tacitly ignore or actively refuse to incorporate into their teaching the laws and regulations that they disagree with, are they setting themselves up for negative consequences from administration? Do they suffer higher burnout rates due to the stresses of pushing back against policies that probably won’t be changed and they know it, but push back anyways?
It seems to me that more and more teachers are going to have to compromise their ideals or teaching methods, to incorporate these laws and rules into their teaching in the classroom, irregardless of how they actually want to teach or leave. I have a feeling that teachers will have to make these changes in order to simply remain in the teaching profession at the public school level, due to changes that are occurring in accountability and teacher evaluations.
These questions and comments also raise the following question.

Is it better to continue to be a teacher who can make a difference within the present system even if we don’t agree with it or to walk away saying you cannot teach under these conditions and be replaced by someone who will?

I think that this is going to become one of the major issues in education over the next few years – who teaches the students what.
Now even the how may be subject to “rules and requirements”  Is that teaching?
Here is the door – hey wait a minute why are there so many of you?
What will you do? Walk away or stay and incorporate what has become the law/regulation into your classroom?
If you walk away what will you do?
Please let me know you opinions on these questions and what will you do, I am trying to answer these questions in my own mind too.
and as always
Did you make a difference today? How?
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