Every so often I enjoy going to TweetCloud to quickly and visually review what I have been Tweeting about for three different time periods:  1 year, 3 months and the last week.  Looking at these quickly give me a general idea about what I have been talking about in Twitter.

For the past year

The first cloud is for the past 12 months, the second is for the last 3 months and the final one is for the last week.  The biggest thing that I notice is that the word “students” is prominent in all three.

It is pretty amazing to me – looking back; even though I wasn’t teaching last year at this time and didn’t until last October that my  TweetClouds has students, teach*** and school as making all of  my clouds.

I guess you should do what you talk most about.
I know that I am very happy to be back in teaching and despite the extra work it might entail, it is what I love to do.

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