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This was an interesting week. The week before school vacation is always hectic at best but this week was a lot more so than usual. I needed to collect my thoughts regarding what is going on and that is why I have neglected posting to my blog all week. I needed some time to simply think.
On Tuesday we had a staff meeting and our Superintendent spoke. He was very blunt about the fiscal crisis facing our District in next year’s budget. We are going to be facing a significant budget shortfall in the amount of State funding to our budget next year and the following year after Stimulus money runs out. The School Board is now reviewing many different options to balance the budget.
No one really knows how or what will actually happen, it is too early to tell. However the bottom line is that the fiscal changes will cause some significant changes to “education” in my District.
Those fiscal changes will probably have some significant personal affects for me as well. I was the last teacher hired this school year and am at the bottom of all the seniority lists in the District. That probably means that I am in jeopardy of not coming back next year if the budget cuts happen as bad as we think they will. That would really “suck” because I am really enjoying where I am working, but when I got hired the Superintendent discussed that this could happen, so it is not a surprise.
Even though we discussed this possibility when I was hired, the reality of the situation was something that I still had to take some time to wrap my head around. I left Good-Will Hinckley before it came to lay-offs and possibly looking at this in my near future is tough. My initial reaction was that of “oh crap” I had better go out and start looking for another job (because the VA is looking for help in our area and that is part of what I did in the military) to let’s sit down and talk about this and look at the numbers and talk about the future.
After my wife and I did this we both felt a lot better about the situation. I have my military retirement and health care to fall back on, so this alleviates some concerns. We also discussed how much I LOVE teaching and that this is what I really want to – TEACH. So after talking it out, we have decided that I will stay and not look for anything else right now.
Just making that decision was a huge load off my mind.
So for now, I will just teach – which is my passion and not worry about whether or where I will be next year. If they find a way to retain me that will be my first choice, if they can’t I will survive and flourish somewhere. I just have to remain positive.
But I wonder how many other teachers are in this situation in my state or nation-wide, due to the current budget problems and how it will affect them and their students?
Isn’t this strange, everyone is saying that education is the solution to many of the Country’s problems, but we are cutting education budgets…it just really doesn’t make sense.
The adventure continues :).

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