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A while back I had a post about what I wasn’t so good at, in this post I will go over what I think I am pretty good at. First and foremost I have found that I am not really great at any one thing. I do a lot of different things proficiently or well, but to single out just one thing that I am considered either an expert or that I believe I am superior to others at doing, I can’t really think of anything.
What do I think I am I good at:

Being persistent, I don’t have the natural ability of some or the blazing intellect of others, but I do keep trying and I don’t give up easily. I am willing to put in the extra time and effort necessary to learn new things, keep on keeping on when things are not exactly easy and look at things pragmatically (to use the word of the day) or realistically and don’t get caught up in having to be right. I guess I am good at getting things done.

Even though I am a bit introverted and geeky, I fit in very well in my work groups and have always been considered an asset. I don’t get caught up in the ego games and am a good follower, have a great sense of humor and love to laugh, but I can lead when the situation arises, that I am in a leadership position. I am lot better behind the scenes and don’t need to be the point person in a project or at work. I guess I know my place in the scheme of things in a job, project team, or athletic team, we all can’t be the star, but am one of the hard working “others” that people forget about.

Learning things quickly. I have always had the ability to pickup new ideas or concepts pretty easily, especially when I have motivation or an interest in the subject.

I like to write, I can get a pretty coherent thought on “paper” and will someday write a book.

Athletically I am usually in the next tier down from what is considered “very good”, In team sports I what is called a hustle player, one that people hate to play against, I just keep moving and doing the little things that others don’t like to do, when I played basketballa lot, I was the one with floor burns, 5 fouls in 5 minutes, diving into the bleachers, etc., same way inbaseball and softball. Good enough to start, but never an All Star.

I have been a runner since my Freshman year in high school when I ran cross country and track, the only time I have ever won anything was the 100 yd & 200 yd sprints my senior year at the Penquis Relays (my personal “glory day”), otherwise just a pretty run of the mill runner – finished the Marine Corps Marathon in 1983, but just can’t seem to stay healthy enough to run another one. But for the first time in a year I am running around 5 days a week and am feeling really good.

I am a fairly proficient archer, I like 3D archery and plan to do a lot more this summer, I started shooting indoors in a Spot leaque last winter and although I wasn’t the worst one, I certainly wasn’t the best shooter in the league. Gotta get back into it again.

I am a bit of a computer nerd, have been playing with them since the old Vic20 personal computers. I am not a programmer, but I enjoy learning new applications or programs and spend way too much time on learning this social networking stuff, better known asWeb2.0. I guess I am a pretty good end user of computer “stuff”.

I am good around the house, my wife calls me Harold the Destroyer because I am really good at cutting things down, digging stuff up, and just general yard work.

I guess the biggest thing I am good at, is that I am willing to work hard and I am not afraid of hard work.

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