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Well I basically took off the week with a couple of exceptions for some really good reasons. I wanted to take a close look at what I really want to accomplish online and at work. The time was well spent and I have had a good chance to look at my online activity, how it will interact with my “real” work and reflected on what was appropriate for me.

Working on blogs, getting myself involved in social networks and all the other stuff I was doing online was becoming a job in and of itself, not something I was doing for enjoyment, it had stopped being fun. I would put in my time at work and then put in another 5-6 at home at night and then more on the weekends. I wasn’t allowing myself any downtime to recuperate from work, which we all need.

Making money by blogging would be nice, but reality finally is beginning to set in – blogging professionally requires more time and effort than I have to give to it at this point in my life. I have a real job, that is a good job, it like any has its ups and downs. But it does provide me job satisfaction, challenges, responsibility, stability and provides me with enough income that I am not looking to move on. Blogging does not provide that, so unless I get laid off, it will remain a hobby, it is not my profession.

I got caught up in in reading to many “yes you can too blogs”, SEO, monetizing a blog, and thinking that I too could earn some money writing a blog. This was a mistake on my part. I lost my way on the reason that I created and maintained Aging Reluctantly.

That is why I switched back to the Congo Blue Modified theme, it is more me, it is a little colorful but is concise and readable. Where I am making a conscious change in the direction my blog is taking, a change in appearance is appropriate.

Aging Reluctantly is my personal blog and hobby, not a profession and I can write to have fun and not try to generate readership and write about things that I am not passionate about.

So I am back to being me, instead trying to be something that I am not. I believe that my blogging will go back to something I enjoy doing, instead of something that I have to do – which is a good thing. But I did learn an awful lot about blogging.

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