Cleaning UP The Computer – 2008


Today has been a very stressful day, my wife underwent a procedure this morning to help find out what has been going on.  Everything came out negative which is good.  Now we are in the 5 hour wait before moving, stage which is a pain, but necessary.  When I turned on my computer I found out that there was no public wireless available “sigh” oh well…I couldn’t do what I had planned to do…get some stuff done at work.  I will really be glad when “they” finally get free wifi out there.

So during this waiting period, I have had a chance to review everything on my computer and delete off…anything that I haven’t used for a while or have more than one type of an application.  I went from almost 200gb of stuff down to under 130 gb.  So I had a lot of junk in there.  Then I used Glary Utilities to clean up the “leftovers”, defrag my registry and a bunch of other stuff.   I didn’t realize how complete a tool Glary was, between it and CC Cleaner (they seemed to catch different things),  a lot of crap has been cleaned out and up.  Tonight after everything has calmed down I will do a defrag to finish up the clean-up.  I will also look at my maintenance applications to see what I actually need to keep in that area – Glary seems to replace much of what I had.

The biggest surprise to me…was that I decided to uninstall Office 2003.  I thought if I was going to commit to ThinkFree having Office still installed was a duplication of effort and would probably undermine my use of it.  But  it was still tough when I clicked uninstall – I have been with an Office product since Office 97 and even though I have tried other Office Suites/Applications, I had always left it on the computer – just in case. I will see how this experiment works and if it doesn’t – well I own an Office 2003 license or I can upgrade to whatever system Microsoft is putting into the cloud – for a price — I am sure.

This will also allow me to experiment with the Live – Calendar, Contact and Mail programs, to see if they are actually an upgrade from Outlook 2003 which was always crashing on me anyways.  But before I got rid of Outook, I installed and setup Mozilla’s Thunderbird is installed and set it up for use with Plaxo.

I have tried to use the time here effectively…there is no wireless service and even when I attempted to “jack in” I couldn’t get an internet connection.  So picking ThinkFree was good in that respect..

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