Finally Taking the Twitter Leap


I have been half-heartedly been “using” Twitter, for the past few months but only had 6 people that I was following.

It seems that an awful lot of blog posts that I read are always talking about how they used Twitter for this or Twitter for that…so I half-heartedly joined up, but never really found out what the big deal was?

When I responded to a post of Clay Burell at Beyond School as part of the response I said  “I am still having trouble with Twitter…I just can’t wrap my head around it…I will keep trying though and he made a suggestion about using Twitter.”

Well tonight I added Twitbin to my Firefox browser and I now I understand its power, much more!  I just wasn’t using the right tool – that would make Twitter useable, because having to go to the Website every time was inconvenient, this way it is there when I want it.

So thank you Clay for your sage advise, which will allow me to maybe sip from the Twitter waterfall.  — Harold

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