This has been a very busy week. The week after vacation is an interesting week at most schools (everyone is still on vacation mode – not wanting to be there (learners and staff)). We have been getting some new learners into our programs lately and integrating them into student body is an interesting exercise. We get learners that have had difficulties behaviorally elsewhere and getting them to understand the need for having structure in their life can sometimes be “interesting” (as defined by Sun Tzu). But that is what we do and for the most part seem to do it very well, but it can be a bit “tiring”, but worth it.

I was lucky enough to try something a bit different this week. I am in the process of attempting to teach how to do a research paper for my Fundamentals of English class, originally I thought it might take a couple of weeks to do a 3-5 page paper, in light of my previous post Maine – New Graduation Requirements. After discussing with the learners and reflecting a bit, I see in order to do it right it will take longer, so I have basically given us until April vacation (if we get it done sooner – fantastic) to take the time frame weight off their shoulders.

Thank goodness, I have been given the flexibility to change my curriculum on the basis of what the students need versus what is dictated from on high…but I guess that will be changing soon…if the new laws requiring regarding state approved Syllabi go into effect.

I got two new learners in the class mid-week. This is part of an experiment with another program on campus to transition students to a less restrictive environment, but continuing to maintain supports. If it works, it will mean some really great stuff for the learners (building self-confidence, independence, and adding another block in their education foundation). While giving our school another tool in our belt to help learners.

This experiment is also a chance for me to see the progress of one of the learners, which has been very dramatic.
The tekkie guys are looking at opening up the wireless “again”. So hopefully I can talk the Systems Administrator to allow me into the net that way.

I also worked on getting read for my Web2.0 class. I set the class up in a OneNote notebook and have started the required readings.

So I have access to the information even I don’t have an Internet connection. Now I just have to actually buckle down and do the work, no more just simply “organizing”. It’s going to be an “interesting” next 6 weeks.

I have been reading a lot posts and back posts of Clay Burrell and Wesley Fryer lately and have purposely attempted to start using the term “learner” instead of student or client. It fits much more accurately what they are in school to do. So this is something that I have to consciously attempt and am planning to use it when talking to others (gonna try anyway).

Well time to get to the household chores done and get ready to snowblow the driveway again after another expected foot of snow. It is already snowing very heavily “sigh” getting tired of driving in and cleaning up snow — but isn’t that why I moved back to Maine “The Way Life Should Be”.

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