Finding a Decent Blog Editor/Writer


Well – this has been an interesting night…I got very tired of attempting to add graphics (screen shots) to my previous post – Electronic Portfolios – I Need Some Help!  So I attempted Zoho Writer (which I really like), Google docs (its okay), OneNote (which I love) and M/S Word to try to get that blog to post correctly and look decent.  None of them created a document that I was happy with — the images/pictures were: missing, blurry, or simply unreadable.

I have always hated having to go back into the blog and add in images after I have posted them, it always seemed like a complete waste of time and it isn’t acceptable to me so I went searching on the web for basically a blog editor.

This image was almost unreadable in my previous post,while  it is not perfect here, as can be seen it is a tremendous improvement over what I was doing.

eportfolio personal info

Well guess what I ended up with:
Microsoft’s Live Writer.  So far tonight it was the application that worked the best for what I wanted to do.

So for all you Microsoft haters out there  — so far this month they are doing great for me…I do like Vista (it does what I want, I am not a power user, I am an end user), Office 2007 (so far – I like the ribbon and the functions seem more intuitive), OneNote (except for this instance, it is simple and easy to use, plus it does more than I can use it for right now) and now Live Writer.

If this keeps up I will give myself over to the “evil empire” smile_devilcompletely, well maybe not completely, because I really like Firefox.  Oh my gosh, what am I saying  — me a liberal, anti-establishment educator supporting “them”, but I am becoming much more interested in what works for me, than the name of the software company that I am using.

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