December 21, 2007


Week Ending 12/21/07

Ah – school vacation is now only hours away, we have made it through the toughest week of the school year. Everyone is excited or really down about the forthcoming Christmas vacation and this is reflected in many of the behaviors that are seen in students before the vacation starts. But for the most part the students were excellent this week and we got a lot more accomplished this year than I have in previous years.

Now I have to get started on planning for next year, I am thinking about doing either a persuasive paper on why they shouldn’t have homework or usingcomputer games to have them write about tactics or strategies and why thestrategy employed worked or didn’t work and forecasting what will happen next. For one class I would use a hunting game to meet the student’s interest in that class and a role playing game for the other class. I guess I will figure it out over break and put my choice into a Unit Plan.

Well I guess I can wish everyone happy holidays and a well deserved rest.

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