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Week ending 12/14/07
This has been an interesting week. The students have been tough to keep focused on school work, they are getting excited about Christmas Vacation coming up.
My second period class negotiated with me on their next writing prompt and we decided that they could choose what their writing prompt would be. I thought that this was GREAT! It shows that they are willing to discuss the assignments with me and not just follow along blindly. I gave this choice to my seventh period class and they choose to keep the topic because they thought it was an easy topic to write about.
I attended Moodle training Thursday – It is exactly what we have been looking for! It is a one stop shopping for student learning. It is a fantastic tool, but students have to be able to access thecomputers outside of school. As more and more teachers at school begin to utilize technology (computers) in the classroom it is becoming imperative for all cottages to have internet access.
I guess I have to get back into my Special Education paperwork mode “sigh” I am getting so that I enjoy teaching the new technology much more than simply doing Special Education coordination and paperwork.
Oh Well back to reality. :)

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