My New Computer – Part 1

My New Computer – Part 1

A new computer – what in the hell is going on Harold?

Why is this going up on a “running blog”? Well I use my computer every day and is how I connect with the online running community.

Why did I need a new computer?

Last Sunday morning I am working on my Sony Vaio and suddenly hear a big “click” and everything goes black.

Ummm “Houston we have a PROBLEM“.

The Vaio was dead as a doornail – nothing happening at all.

Having your primary computer suddenly…out of nowhere die on you is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Let’s backup

My old 2009 MacBook Pro was/is getting wonky (great technical computer term – but I think you know what I mean, it is becoming unreliable) and I had switched back to my Sony Vaio, (which is big, bulky, heavy and I hated the keyboard, but it was always reliable).

Plus I had worked for the past couple of weeks getting used to it again and putting it back the way I wanted.

I swore a bit, scratched my head and went and got the Mac out of storage, to see if I could figure out what had happened to the Vaio.

After trying all the suggested solutions – figured out it was dead and not worth fixing. I am fairly savvy on computers and when I couldn’t get it to working again…well I knew the answer and didn’t look forward to talking about “needing” a new computer with TheWife.

Not good.

I pissed, moaned, groaned and whined…swore a little, acted like a spoiled little brat and threw a temper tantrum.

Not really, but it sounded good didn’t it.

Actually, I just shook my head and started thinking about what I needed to do next and if the MacBook Pro would last for a while or if I “needed” a new laptop. Continue reading