A Rainy Run – RunLog 6-21-15

It was just a little wet up heah this morning. Nothing serious, just wet.

Weather Channel Radar Map

Weather Channel Radar Map

So on Bennie and my run this morning we got rained on and when it is all said and done, I personally thought it felt pretty damn good.

After yesterday’s long run that became something else and cut short for some really crappy reasons, I was wondering how I would feel today. So I planned on starting out pretty slow, but by the time we got down to the neighbors mailbox, a truck went by and Bennie went from I don’t want to be wet and being a bit prissy, to chase dog and let’s show them how fast we can run.  Continue reading

My New Computer – Part 1

My New Computer – Part 1

A new computer – what in the hell is going on Harold?

Why is this going up on a “running blog”? Well I use my computer every day and is how I connect with the online running community.

Why did I need a new computer?

Last Sunday morning I am working on my Sony Vaio and suddenly hear a big “click” and everything goes black.

Ummm “Houston we have a PROBLEM“.

The Vaio was dead as a doornail – nothing happening at all.

Having your primary computer suddenly…out of nowhere die on you is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Let’s backup

My old 2009 MacBook Pro was/is getting wonky (great technical computer term – but I think you know what I mean, it is becoming unreliable) and I had switched back to my Sony Vaio, (which is big, bulky, heavy and I hated the keyboard, but it was always reliable).

Plus I had worked for the past couple of weeks getting used to it again and putting it back the way I wanted.

I swore a bit, scratched my head and went and got the Mac out of storage, to see if I could figure out what had happened to the Vaio.

After trying all the suggested solutions – figured out it was dead and not worth fixing. I am fairly savvy on computers and when I couldn’t get it to working again…well I knew the answer and didn’t look forward to talking about “needing” a new computer with TheWife.

Not good.

I pissed, moaned, groaned and whined…swore a little, acted like a spoiled little brat and threw a temper tantrum.

Not really, but it sounded good didn’t it.

Actually, I just shook my head and started thinking about what I needed to do next and if the MacBook Pro would last for a while or if I “needed” a new laptop. Continue reading