Busy, busy Wednesday and Speedwork – RunLog 7-8-15

After the workout

After the workout

A lot of stuff went on yesterday…most of it pretty damn good.

I was offered the position that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago yesterday afternoon…drumroll please and….I accepted. More to come on where and what, when I sit down and actually get all the paperwork done and go in that first day, but it was exactly what I was looking for, 25-30 hours a week and doing things that I would like to think I am pretty good at.

So I was pretty psyched about that…the only job I interviewed for – I got. :-)

Oh yeah, this is a running blog so lets talk about running okay.

Nope Bennie and I didn’t make it 2 days in a row at 6:00 AM, I just can’t seem to get motivated for running that time of the day. Plus he was a little blah Bennie in the morning, so we just walked and he seemed pretty happy with that.

Looking at Running Shoes

Since I wasn’t able to get in a speed work session on Tuesday, I decided to do one Wednesday, which meant my first track workout session of the year. I just had to decide on whether to go to Cony or Colby. Since I wanted to look at some different running shoes, I decided on Augusta. I did stop and check out some shoes and even tried on a couple of pair i.e. the Zante and a pair of Asics. However, at both places I stopped at they did not have my size, but they “could order it”. Hell I can order it too, if I want to stop in a physical store and buy a pair of running shoes, I want to be able to try them on, if they fit walk out with them.

Yes, I know that most brick and mortar stores do not seem to carry size 8.5 mens, but it doesn’t mean that I have to “order” from those stores that do not carry my size. I am getting tired of this, but in today’s world of smaller inventories, it is what I have to deal with.

I liked the Asics, but already knew from experience that they would be slappy, which is a no go for me, even if they are comfortable as hell. With all the hype about the Zante I had to try them on, the heel cup didn’t feel right (too high on the Achilles and the ankles were rubbing – the usual issue with NB shoes for me), otherwise would have been okay.

After not really finding what I was looking for, I did work a deal with friend for a couple of his gently used shoes, so they should be getting here soon. I can’t wait to see how they work for me.

Speed Work

Then I headed over to Cony and ran on the track.

Cony H.S. track

Cony H.S. track

When I first got there, there was just one other walker and myself, so it was nice. He stayed in the outer lanes and I did my warm-ups in lane 2, that if someone comes in and flies by, I am not in the way.

Just as I was finishing up lap 4 of my warm-up, a couple with 3 children shows up. with tricycles, strollers, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong or anything else, I am not that crotchety old fart who hates kids or doesn’t understand what it is like to bring children to a track (been there done that), so you can get a workout in. But..if I see that there are other runners there who are obviously doing workouts, I ensured that I supervised my kids and don’t let them bother or get in the way of other runners.

Not the case today.

Mom put on her headphones, got in lane 1 and ran at a 10:00 to 11:00 minute pace in that lane for the next 30:00 minutes (the rest of my workout). During this time the two boys were either riding their wheelers or running all over the track, while the dad was dealing with a toddler up on the same bench where I had stowed my gear. I got dirty glare from him when one of the boys played chicken with me coming up the track at me on his bike and I yelled “look out” and the boy went off into the infield.

I just looked at the dad and said, “I am trying to do a workout and I didn’t know which way he was going, please watch him so he isn’t in the way” and kept running.

I guess that pissed off the dad, because he was muttering and glaring at me the rest of the time, but he didn’t change how he was supervising the children. They were in and off the track, chasing mom around the track and I had to dodge around them multiple times, which was a pain in the butt, but not worth causing a scene over.

I finished up a:

  1. 1.0 mile warm-up
  2. 4 x .25 @ 80%
  3. 4 x 200 @ 85%
  4. 1.0 mile cool-down

It was pretty much 100% humidity, so I wasn’t worried about the time and went by effort. It was pretty windy conditions on the back stretch and lower corner, so I was satisfied with the workout, just not the distractions.

The thing that topped off the workout was the family was leaving as I was on the back stretch of the track and when I got back to the bench, my bag had been emptied out and things scattered around. I didn’t see who did it, but nothing was missing or broken, so that was a good thing, but…some people…well it makes you wonder.

GoRun 4 Decision

Oh well it was a good workout and I did finally figure out what makes the GoRun 4’s feel funky on my right foot, while I was sitting there stewing…after picking up my stuff, I took a good long look at the GR4’s.

The issue with GoRun4's.

The issue with GoRun4’s.

Where the yellow stroebel ends, there is stitching to a white webbing that sits under the outside of my right foot and I circled the seam that raises up the little toe just enough that combined with the snugness and curve of toe box, makes it rub/press against the 4th toe, causing the distraction that I keep whining about my GoRun4’s.

Now can I run through this distraction?

Probably and I have, but the rubbing of the toes is always there and although it hasn’t caused any real issues yet. I guess “yet” is the operative word and even though I run well in them, that “yet” thing is always in the back of my mind and affects my confidence and how much I can relax while running in them.

Also when I run a lot in these shoes, I notice that my right little toe pushes against the 4th toe, even after I take the shoes off, which is something I have worked on fixing over the last year, with exercises and a splint/spacer that I wear. So I have reluctantly decided to move on from these shoes and have put them in the give-away pile.

At least I know what was causing all the issues with them.

Garmin 310 xT

I got frustrated when I attempted to upload the data to the computer, it kept hanging up and eventually I had to do a hard re-set of the watch, so I lost the data from the workout. Not really a big deal, but a little frustrating and time-consuming trying to get things figured out.

The realty is

that I am pretty psyched about getting the job, it had been a couple of weeks since the interview, so I was beginning to wonder if they had chosen someone else, now to get used to having a set schedule again. As weird as it might sound, I am ready to get back to a regular job.

While I applaud the family at the track for doing things together and getting outside with the kids. At the same time it would have been nice if they had shown other runners a little more courtesy by supervising their children a little better and if they are running slowly using an outer lane. No I am not one of those old farts who have no patience for kids, but at the same time these parents lack of concern for what their children were doing, showed a lack of respect for others, which is not a good thing.

Another runner showed up and I could tell by her facial expressions that she was getting frustrated as well, so it wasn’t just me. Oh well, I still got my workout in.

I am thinking about taking off the rest of the week from running, since I haven’t really taken consecutive days off since March and not really any down-time yet this year. We will see how that goes.

While I am getting a couple of pair of gently used running shoes, they are more daily trainers and I still need a pair of “faster” for me shoes. Not racing flats, but something under 7 oz, that has some cushioning – something like the old Lunar Racer or Lunar Tempos.

A day in the life :-)

Which GPS Watch Did I Get

Last Thursday, I ordered a new GPS watch from Clever Training, using the discount code from DC Rainmaker’s website – it is a Father’s Day gift to me from my wife. However, before I tell you what it actually is, I want to go a little more into the thought process I used to choose it.

1. Keep things simple.

GPS Devices are an enhancement to running, not the reason to run and sometimes if you have too much data it complicates your running more than it improves it. Earlier this year I went a couple of months without using a GPS watch and for most of my running life, I never had the option of using GPS, so I don’t look at GPS Apps or Watches as something that is a necessity when it comes to running.

They are a tool to be used, not drive your running.

I track my running by distance/miles and I see them more as an enhancement to my running that frees me to explore new courses, suddenly take a left turn versus my normal right turn and not have to worry about figuring out how far I did run, by using a map program, driving the course (if I can) or just guessing based on my overall pace.

So while a GPS device is nice, it is an optional part of my running and yes, I can run without one quite nicely. Continue reading

A Rainy Run – RunLog 6-21-15

It was just a little wet up heah this morning. Nothing serious, just wet.

Weather Channel Radar Map

Weather Channel Radar Map

So on Bennie and my run this morning we got rained on and when it is all said and done, I personally thought it felt pretty damn good.

After yesterday’s long run that became something else and cut short for some really crappy reasons, I was wondering how I would feel today. So I planned on starting out pretty slow, but by the time we got down to the neighbors mailbox, a truck went by and Bennie went from I don’t want to be wet and being a bit prissy, to chase dog and let’s show them how fast we can run.  Continue reading

Ordered a New GPS Watch for Father’s Day

While eating lunch with Mary the other day, we got talking about my GPS watch troubles lately and she offered to get me a new one for Father’s Day. Like she said, “I could get you some t-shirts, another camp chair or a pair of running shoes, but from listening to the amount of complaining about your GPS watch lately, you really need a new GPS watch. I want to get you something you will use, instead of something sitting in the back of the garage or will wear out in a couple of months.

I guess she was getting tired of me whining and complaining about the issues I was having with my current GPS watch or she is simply a great wife.

Personally, I know that she is a great wife, who puts up with a LOT, with my running addiction.


TomTom GPS watch

TomTom GPS watch

To be honest, I am not all that crazy about the TomTom GPS watch that I have now as my primary GPS device and ssssshhhhhh I have been whining about it a LOT more than I should lately.

While it does a lot of things great, it also has features that I am not crazy about and for someone who is nicknamed around the house as Harold the Destroyer, the TomTom just has not held up to how I use or should I say abuse my watches.

Also my current watch is my second TomTom watch (the first was replaced under warranty – great customer service), so I have a pretty good idea what I like and what I dislike about the model I have.

Initially, I really loved the TomTom GPS watch with a couple of exceptions. You can read my previous reviews of the TomTom GPS watch here and here.

Yes, my opinions have changed since my last review. Continue reading

Part 2 – My New Computer

Part 2 – My New Computer

You can read Part 1 that has the why’s I got my new computer and what I was looking for, this post is more about the new computer, setting it up and how I am using it.

I got my ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP300LA Signature Edition Laptop, Tuesday evening and spent the rest of the night and most of today, getting it setup the way that I want it.

ASUS Box Photo

ASUS Box Photo

Now setting up a computer sounds like a lot of work and can be a big pain-in-the-ass, but you know something, it is a process that I actually enjoy. It is a challenge to learn the ins and outs of a new system and bring your new computer up to the level where you are comfortable with it. I know – I am weird sometimes.

Yeah, I went through the setup routine that every new PC makes you do, but with most of my settings already available as part of my Microsoft account, that went very quickly.

Then first thing that I did was take a look at the programs that came with the computer – after all it is a signature edition. Continue reading

My New Computer – Part 1

My New Computer – Part 1

A new computer – what in the hell is going on Harold?

Why is this going up on a “running blog”? Well I use my computer every day and is how I connect with the online running community.

Why did I need a new computer?

Last Sunday morning I am working on my Sony Vaio and suddenly hear a big “click” and everything goes black.

Ummm “Houston we have a PROBLEM“.

The Vaio was dead as a doornail – nothing happening at all.

Having your primary computer suddenly…out of nowhere die on you is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Let’s backup

My old 2009 MacBook Pro was/is getting wonky (great technical computer term – but I think you know what I mean, it is becoming unreliable) and I had switched back to my Sony Vaio, (which is big, bulky, heavy and I hated the keyboard, but it was always reliable).

Plus I had worked for the past couple of weeks getting used to it again and putting it back the way I wanted.

I swore a bit, scratched my head and went and got the Mac out of storage, to see if I could figure out what had happened to the Vaio.

After trying all the suggested solutions – figured out it was dead and not worth fixing. I am fairly savvy on computers and when I couldn’t get it to working again…well I knew the answer and didn’t look forward to talking about “needing” a new computer with TheWife.

Not good.

I pissed, moaned, groaned and whined…swore a little, acted like a spoiled little brat and threw a temper tantrum.

Not really, but it sounded good didn’t it.

Actually, I just shook my head and started thinking about what I needed to do next and if the MacBook Pro would last for a while or if I “needed” a new laptop. Continue reading

Learned A LOT From a 3 Mile Run – RunLog 2-18-15

Learned A LOT From a 3 Mile Run – RunLog 2-18-15

Hey, it was 25*F this morning, so Bennie and I decided to take it outside and do a run down to Pepin Way, which wasn’t all that big of a deal and other than stopping what seemed like a bazillion times to re-mark his territory (it has been a while since we ran down there), it was a pretty easy run.

However, I did do a couple of things differently.


I wore my TomTom GPS watch and all the old reasons why I stopped using GPS devices came back to me almost instantly.

Yeah, I fretted over how that damn graph at the end would look like.

Strava Graph 2-18-15

Strava Graph 2-18-15

I was too focused on what I should be running for a pace on a recovery run versus – well just frigging running. This was not a tempo workout, it was a easy recovery run and I was getting all into what is my pace now, why am I slowing down (my legs are tired after Monday and Tuesday’s workouts – you dumb shit) and oh I gotta got faster. You know all that really important stuff, that we tend to over-focus on that takes the joy away from running.

Not the reasons why I run.

Nope this run really showed me how anxious using a GPS device makes me and how much they take away from MY running. Unless I am doing a pretty damned specific workout, running somewhere new or where it is tough to get “close enough mileage totals”, I don’t see me using a GPS device very often from now on.

Outside in the K5’s

The other thing is that I wanted to wear my new Saucony Kinvara 5’s on an outside run. Since the roads were mostly clear and it wasn’t stoopid cold, today was a good opportunity to do it.

I do notice that when I have run on the treadmill a lot that it takes 4-5 days to re-acclimate to running outside (there is a difference). Now I love the feel of the Kinvara 5’s (26.0 miles) on the treadmill, but while running outside today I just never got comfortable running in them.

It felt like I was fighting myself the whole way and that the shoes were getting in the way of my stride and the K5’s felt a lot more firm than they are inside on the treadmill.

25*F is still below freezing as far as temps go and that might make the shoes feel a more firm (I am no scientist, but I have had this experience with other shoes), along with the subzero temps having put a “hard” freeze into the roads (no give at all-like running on steel plates).

Then again, it could be that my legs are totally trashed and some good DOMS has set in from Monday’s speedwork session, but either way or any way – I just never smoothed out on the run and when I had to run in the dirty slush snow or white ice, I didn’t have the grip that I have become accustomed to.

The bottom-line is that based on how they worked for me today, the K5’s are a great treadmill shoe and did pretty good for a first run in them outside.

Showing the fit of the Kinvara 5. 8.5 fits exactly the way it should.

Showing the fit of the Kinvara 5. 8.5 fits exactly the way it should.

The fit was right and the toe box width never bothered me, but when it comes to running outside in colder temps or mixed road conditions I have better choices available to me – Skechers GoRun Ultra or Brooks Cascadia 8’s.

However, once it warms up and the roads clear, I have a feeling that the K5’s are going to be just fine as outside shoes.

Oh how did the actual run go.

I gave it a 1 on my rating scale. My stride was off the entire run and even thought the “graph” shows that I had a few spots where I ran decently, it just wasn’t all that great of a run.

Strava Stats 2-18-15

Strava Stats 2-18-15

Bad runs happen and it was just a case of having run too much on the treadmill lately and needing to adjust back to running with me being the motor. Along with a little Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness/soreness.

However, it was a run where I confirmed my feelings about running with a GPS device and learned that the K5’s will work just fine outside, but that I have other running shoes that are better suited to run outside in the winter.

GPS and Running – Is It That Great?

Is seems to me that there is a new paradigm going around in the running world.

That to be a serious runner or to be taken seriously as a runner you have to use a GPS device.

My GPS devices

My GPS devices

You know the watches, smart phone apps and other devices that key into the Global Positioning System to give us data on where, how far and how fast we did it.

That way you can accurately measure your mileage, time, pace, heart rate, elevation gain or loss and a map of where you ran.

Which means that you will become a better runner and be able to prove it.

Needless to say I bought into that paradigm hook, line and sinker.

Back when I got my first smart phone, I started using the GPS apps, I really liked the ease of being able to know about how far I ran, a voice telling me my mile splits, along with other things and be able to post it to various online running logs/website to share with other runners what I was doing. Enough so that I “moved up” to a Garmin and then over to my TomTom GPS watches.

What I loved about GPS

These GPS devices provided me with almost instantaneous data on how far or fast I had run and cued me in on each mile split and could do so many other things to help me train more effectively and closer to the ideal training paces for my racing goals.

However, the real cat’s meow…and the part that I really used the most (loved it), was the data that the GPS devices provided me to study after a run, automatically uploading my run’s GPS data to multiple online running logs.

Those sites that have all those wonderful charts and graphs about what I did on the run, the ability to compare my run with other runs on the same course, keep track of my course PR’s, PB’s, and then announce my successes and failures to the world of Twitter, Facebook and all the others within seconds.

It was so easy and so great, how did it become…


You know something – towards the end of 2014 using a GPS device got overwhelming between always worrying about whether they were charged, waiting to connect to GPS, if they would keep connection, and if the data would upload correctly, so that…

I could study, compare, analyze and sort through all the data that I was getting about my runs.

It got so that one the first things I would do when I got done with the run was plug my device into a computer and upload my latest run, so I could see the data (does this sound familiar?).

There was very little after-glow or enjoyment of the run…I had to see the data to know if I had hit the goals for that run, met the objectives of the training for that day and would be disappointed if I hadn’t.

All this GPS data collection, otherwise called running, was turning running into something that I did to produce the numbers, graphs and charts, so that I could be a better runner.

My running had become secondary to the numbers it was producing for the data analysis after I was done.

Something had to change

Yes, I can hear it now…you need to know all the information that a GPS device provides to get the biggest bang for your training, meet your daily training goals, give your coach a chance to see where you are weak and what your strengths are, so that you will improve at an optimal rate.

After all if you measure it you can “improve” it.

That sounds pretty business-like to me.

Which might be what many people want, need and expect in today’s world of having to measure everything, in the idea that constant improvement can be attained and is desirable.

Ummm sorry, well not so sorry.

At some point in our efforts to measure everything down to the smallest detail, did we/do we loose track of what is important?

I did.

I am not an elite runner or anything more than a middle of the pack runner who runs because he enjoys running, not someone who enjoys compiling, reviewing and analyzing data about my running.


The last time I used a GPS device was January 11th and now almost two weeks later, how is it going?

To be honest, other than the usual winter doldrums and being sick of the cold, my running is going great.

At first, when I stopped running with a GPS device turned on, it was hard to let go of the data collection runner I had become. I was so frigging worried about how the data would look on the graphs and then I would remember that there wouldn’t be any graphs or data points to study.

Actually after the first few runs, I relaxed, huh I didn’t hear that…I relaxed during my runs! Especially on the treadmill, I didn’t realize how much I ran around my arm swing to ensure the acceleromotor was getting accurate data on there. I am liking my treadmill runs a lot more now.

More quickly than I though I would, I stopped worrying about what the GPS was going to show me about my run and whether I was meeting the pace goals or if I was off target…instead I just ran.

My mind wandered, it went here and there, I thought about this or that, but I wasn’t stressing out over how much I was slowing down going uphill or if I was going too fast down one.

I just ran comfortably, pushed when I thought I should be pushing or Bennie wanted to go faster, slowed down on runs that I had decided that they would be recovery runs. In other words I just listened to my body and started to enjoy the runs more.

Old School

I have worn just wear my old Timex Ironman watch and I might get a mile split in if I remember to look at my watch when I get close to where I think the mile point is, otherwise I get the time at the end of the run.

Timex Ironman Watch - Yeah a bit old-school

Timex Ironman Watch – Yeah a bit old-school

After the run, there are not many data points to follow or study, no automatic uploading to multiple web sites, no broadcasting to the Internet that I finished my run, at least until I do my boring blog posts, no charts or graphs to look at.

Spreadsheet ending 1/18/15

Spreadsheet ending 1/18/15

Nope, instead I get to eventually add the run to my spreadsheet and I get to think about how I felt during the run.

Not measuring the run, but more thinking and writing about how I felt during the run. A wholistic view, versus the data driven view. Yeah, I still keep time, distance, weight and show mileage stats, but the maps, graphs, minute data analysis are gone.

Yeah, a pretty drastic change in direction in a short time.

The reality is that

I had returned to the pre-GPS days of the dark ages and was connecting more with how I felt, versus having to review and dissect each run under a microscope to know how my run went.

Sometime going backwards, can be going forward.

For me, running without a GPS device has been a positive change and one that I will probably make permanent. I am cancelling my “pro” version of Strava, I really don’t need it (though I will miss the social interaction with other runners there) and all the other websites that I auto-posted to, well I suddenly disappeared a couple of weeks ago and that isn’t going to change.

Does this mean I will never use GPS devices again – no. I am not a Luddite by any means and enjoy the modern conveniences of our electronic devices. At the same time when they begin to interfere with, become a distraction or I become over-reliant on one, is it a good thing?

GPS devices are a tool and the data they provide can help us improve as runners, which means they have a place in my tool box, but I have a feeling that I will use GPS more for trail running or if I am attempting to hit very specific pace goals in a training run. Otherwise, they will stay in the drawer, until I need that tool.

However, I do not plan on them re-gaining the control of how I look at my running.

I don’t want to get back to where I feel that I have to measure and analyze every run and go back to believing the most important thing about running is the data that some device gives us about what we did.

No, I still believe the important thing about running is that…

That we get run.

Then again, maybe I am just a crotchety old bastard who got tired of technology getting in the way of enjoying my running.

When does a GPS device stop being a positive part of your running?

Can you become addicted OR over-reliant on a GPS device?

Thank you for reading and being patient with a cantankerous old fart’s blathering and babbling on about the changes that I am going through as I get older and the fun that I am having as a part of this process.

Originally written by Harold Shaw and published as part of http://haroldlshaw.com  

Back With Apple – A Month Later

About a month ago, I decided to go back to using an iPhone – my Motorola Droid, just wasn’t doing it for me and as a part of this move, I also got out my old MacBook Pro.

Yeah, I know this is a running blog, but the technology I use does affect my blogging, social media presence and how I keep track of my training and how I look back on what I have done.

So the technology I use does affect my running.

How has iPhone done?

I use my iPhone primarily as a phone (yeah believe it or not), camera and to check my email.
Along with sending/receiving the occasional text message and as an emergency GPS device. In other words, I under-utilize my smart phone considerably, but that is okay – that is why I have a laptop.
Other than missing the “back” button, I love my iPhone 5c.
When and since I updated to IOS 8.1.1, I have had zero issues and haven’t looked back.
I can usually get a couple of days of normal use (for me) out of the battery before re-charging. Unlike many people, I do not have a bunch of apps and work hard to keep the number of apps on my phone to a minimum.
Just two pages of Apps on the iPhone and I could probably get rid of almost half of these if I really needed to.

Just two pages of Apps on the iPhone and I could probably get rid of almost half of these if I really needed to.

No, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter on there, but I do use Instagram.
One of the things that I really like about the iPhone is its camera, it is much more intuitive for me than the Droid’s was and I believe that the photos are a better quality. Now that I have figured out some of the quirks between iPhoto and iCloud, posting those photos to my blog is easy.
Even looking back with 20/20 hindsight moving back to an iPhone was the right thing for me.

Why change back to the “old” MacBook Pro?

Since I already knew that an iPhone is more integrated with a Mac than a PC, I took out my old MacBook Pro from late 2009 and started using it a few days after I got the iPhone.
My MacBook Pro's Desktop

My MacBook Pro’s Desktop

I had upgraded the MacBook Pro’s RAM to 8GB, about a little before I got the Sony Vaio (after I brick-tested my Chromebook), but hadn’t really had a chance to do much with it, I had retired the MacBook as old and unreliable and it became a backup laptop) so I didn’t realize how big a difference the extra RAM would make in my MacBook Pro.
That RAM upgrade to 8GB made all the difference and my MacBook Pro has done everything I have asked of it over the past month. Even when I upgraded to Yosemite, I experienced no issues whatsoever.
I do like Yosemite a LOT better than Mavericks or other older versions of OS X and having it installed has made my return to using the Mac an awesome experience.
Especially, with some of the new features that Yosemite brought to the table. Well at least the ones that are supported and work on my 2009 MacBook Pro.
The biggest changes moving from Windows back to OS X were remembering/figuring out where the commands were hidden for the different programs. OS X programs are more drop down menu driven than toolbar/icon driven, so finding the commands, took a little getting used to and also changing some muscle memory.
Personally I find that OS X software is a more old school UNISYS (Lanier, Wang, Burroughs) style of interface. It is elegant in its uncluttered and more minimalist styling, which now that I have gotten used to it again, I prefer. The icon toolbar is there and you have the inspector is there on the side, but most everything is in command bar.

Staying in the Apple Silo

The one thing that I have done differently this time moving to a Mac, is that I have purposely stayed as much within the Apple tech silo for my software – as possible. Apple makes 90% of the software that I need or want to use and the other 10% is stuff that I still have licenses for or can get cheaply.
Yes, there are some Apps that are superior to Apple’s offerings, but the way I look at things now, Apple’s Apps work good enough. I am tired of constantly looking for the next best thing or trying some new software just because I can. At this point I just want things to work – good enough.

Old Fashioned

However, one thing that I want from my computer is if the Internet is down or not available for whatever reason, that I can still do my work, do things that I want/need to do and do it seamlessly, without me having to frig, fart around with it. Although I haven’t had any issues or problems with iCloud, but at the same time, I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about it. This is something I am going to be watching closely – it is improving, but…
So any Apps/software that I use a lot, needs to have offline/online capabilities.
Am I being old-fashioned?
Yep, no doubt about it, but that is okay – I can handle and like being old-fashioned. I will still be doing things that I want to do on my computer, when others are bitching, moaning and groaning about how they can’t do anything without Internet acces.
Seems like Win-Win scenario to me.

The Reality is that

During the last month, I have purposely stayed within the Apple tech silo and you know something…
It has just worked.
I haven’t had any urge to turn-on my Sony Vaio Laptop, go back to the Droid, use Evernote/OneNote, or even use Google’s Chrome Web browser – at all. All things that I used pretty much exclusively and daily for the past couple of years.
My move back to Apple’s Tech Silo has been problem-free and the experience was much better than my first move to Apple (which was pretty bumpy). Yes, it helped that for 2 1/2 years I had to use the MacBook in the classroom and have had 2 iPhones before, so I was familiar with what I was getting myself into, by going back to Apple.
Although moving back to the iPhone that was the impetous for the move back to Apple, now that I am back, I use my MacBook Pro a LOT more than I do my iPhone and the iPhone is something I use when I do not have access to my MBP or need a phone or camera.
The next question will happen in a couple of years, when Apple stops supporting my MacBook Pro (it already does not have full capabilities in Yosemite), what will I get?
Another MacBook Pro or an iPad with a keyboard?
They both have their pros and cons, but that is a decision that I do not have to worry about for a while, but either way, I need to start saving up for whichever I decide on sooner rather than later.