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Moving Back to the MacBook Pro

Although the post’s title is Back to the Mac, to be completely accurate, it should be Moving to Apple.

Photo by Harold Shaw of MacBook Pro back

Photo by Harold Shaw of MacBook Pro back


After I got my iPhone 5c a couple of weeks ago (see iPhone My Phone), I decided to dig out my old MacBook Pro and use it.

The more I played around with it – the more I enjoyed using my MBP and since I downloaded Yosemite, I really like the way it looks and works. Also I have started using more and more of the Apple software.

Isn’t that the way it works sometimes, you put something on the shelf and then after trying several other things, you find that you had the solution sitting right there all along. Continue reading

iPhone – MyPhone

Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with running or does it?

Not really, but in a way it is pretty important – at least to me. Especially since I carry my phone on about 90% of my runs outside – for safety reasons.

So I guess the choice of what phone I have can be an important part of my running.

On Thursday, I moved back to an iPhone 5c, from my Motorola Droid, but why?

My new iPhone 5c

My new iPhone 5c

My Smart Phone

First, how or what do I want from “my” smart phone? Continue reading


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