A Tale of Two Runs – Both Hot RunLog 8-25-15

Yesterday, yeah yesterday – I know but it happens.

Run #1

Blake Road

Blake Road is finally getting runnable again.

One of those runs down to the Town Office and back where Coach Bennie was definitely telling me it was one of those days to take it easy. The heat wasn’t bad, but the humidity was over 90% and getting worse. So we took it slow and easy all the way through.  Continue reading

Practicing on the New 5K Course – RunLog 8-24-15

I am starting to get used to this running without my glasses, especially for those first thing in the morning runs with Bennie. Yeah it was muggy, misting, light rain and a bit of rain this morning. I like running in the rain, but my glasses are useless after the first mile and I end up putting them in my phone pouch.

It does make thing interesting and forces me to go a bit slower than I would otherwise.

However, on run #2, it wasn’t doing anything and I could see this gorgeous sight of looking up the Kennebec River with my glasses on.

Looking up the Kennebec River from Hallowell

Looking up the Kennebec River from Hallowell

Run #1

I hate, yes hate running first thing in the morning, my body just ain’t awake yet and it takes the first mile or so, to get my butt in gear and figure out what is going on. No, I will never be a willing or wonderful early morning runner like some of you are – errr Mike. However, I will live through it and make it work, especially when I know that I have a busy day planned and need to get through a bunch of stuff that day – before I go to work. Plus when it gets warmer, Bennie does a LOT better in the cooler temps.

So Bennie and I headed down-back and just relaxed during the run. The Torin’s are really comfortable except for one thing, there is only one way that I can land in them and not make that damned irritating slapping sound on the ground. When I get tired, the slapping definitely gets worse, so they are not a really quiet shoe, but have that zero-drop slap that I have to work on my form to get rid of. It will happen, but it takes more than a week of running in the Altra’s to get rid of it. I would imagine after a month of primarily using the Torin’s it should be just about gone.

The run itself wasn’t anything special. The first mile was blah, miles 2 and 3 not bad and then mile 4 sucked – especially when Bennie showed off for Mary, when we passed her going the other direction and he had to do his tug-o-war routine – damn dawg ;-).

Run #2

I had to get into Augusta for a haircut and stop at the grocery store for some more food, which meant that I could either go over to the Cony Track (but school might be starting – wasn’t sure so I didn’t) or running the Rail Trail. Now this is why I like Facebook (there are many things I hate, but this is why I like it), it seems that the Rise ‘N Shine 5K is changing where they are start/finish the race. Which means that I might as well get used to running from there instead of the trail head.

I gotta figure out where they will be starting and which direction they are going to head on the Rail Trail for the 5k. I just like knowing the course ahead of time. I do know that the hill is not as bad as the one by the fire station so that is a good thing, which should result in some faster times for a lot of runners – I just hope that is what it means for me too.

So I feel pretty good about that change.

The run itself was pretty good. I didn’t push super-hard, but I made a comfortably hard effort for most of the run and only had one mile where I lost focus for a little while.

Strava Stats 8-24-15

Strava Stats 8-24-15

I am purposely running 5.0 miles on this course, so that I am more tired going up the hill and pushing (even though it doesn’t look like I pushed to hard today). In the future I have a feeling that I will be doing a few repeats at the end of a workout, just to condition myself to running up that damn YMCA hill better.

To be honest I was a little disappointed that I didn’t break 8:00’s for the 5.0 miles, but it is still pretty nasty outside and 8:04 on a training run by myself ain’t too bad for 5.0, so it will come.

A couple of nice runs and yes I am getting used to the Altra Torin’s.

Tweaking A Few Things – Week Ending 8-23-15

The running continues to be consistent, which is a GREAT thing.

It was the muggiest week of the summer so the times are not all that great, but the effort is there, which is the important things.

So what am I tweaking?

The running shoes that I use – again.

I have moved back to Altra’s for my primary workhorse shoes.

Other than that – not all that much actually, but I have gone through yet another running shoe purge and yes, I finally got rid of the Saucony Kinvara 5’s. A shoe that I loved and a shoe that my right knee hated. I loved the looks and feel of them, but as many times as I have put them in the give-away pile to only take them back out in hopes that I could find some way to get them to work, it was finally time to just put them in the back of the truck and put them in the yellow box at the transfer station along with my Hoka Clifton Lime #1’s and the Skechers GoRun Ride 4’s.

Three more pair of shoes going bye-bye

Three more pair of shoes going bye-bye

All of these shoes had one reason or another that made them unusable for me to run in them. I just stopped believing in them and it was not worth the distraction or hassles of running in them any more – they needed to leave the yard. Now that they are all in the yellow box (along with a bunch of old clothes), so I don’t have to worry about “when” I try to get them to work for me – again and again they don’t.

My running challenges and goals?

They haven’t changed for a while now – I will break 22:00, then go after a post-55 PR (21:20) in a 5K at some point this year.

My favorite photo from the week

Whatt 110% Humidity does to my running

What 110% Humidity does to my running – at least my glasses

Continue reading

A Better Day – RunLog 8-22-15

Well at least when I stepped out the door for our run this morning, my glasses didn’t instantly become unusable, which was a great thing.

Actually, the temps were just starting to climb and even though it was peeking into the 70’s when we got going, the humidity was not unbearable. It was almost pleasant…well enough of the weather report, how did the run go?

First things first, I finally got the Altra Torin’s about 99% dialed in as far as the lacing goes. I changed over to the LockLaces, which helped a LOT, but my heels were still slipping a little, nothing serious, but a small distraction I didn’t want to deal with. So I tried something I have never tried with LockLaces and did a heel lock lacing technique with them.

Altra Torin 1.5 with LockLaces using heel-lock lacing technique

Altra Torin 1.5 with LockLaces using heel-lock lacing technique

Guess what it worked great!!! I was surprised, because I figured that it would cause some extra pressure on top of my foot, but instead, it seemed to have spread out the snugness I needed to lock-down my heels into the Torin’s. Plus now that I have them dialed in, my experience has been I don’t have to worry about adjusting/re-tying the damn shoe laces every time I put them on.

I can slip them on and get going, instead of frig-farting around trying to get the laces to feel right.

Run #1

We started out comfortably, to give my legs a chance to wake up a bit, even so we went through the first mile just under 8:00 minute pace and…then Bennie heard a truck behind us. Continue reading

Is that Fog-Rain or Heavy Humidity – RunLog 8-21-15

I gotta laugh at my whining and complaining about the weather…well it is less about complaining and more whining than anything.

Looking up the road 8-21-15

Looking up the road 8-21-15

This was our view as we were finishing up this morning, just a little drizzle, rain, fog and at 74*F it was fairly humid. Continue reading

A Real SlogFest – RunLog 8-20-15

Yeah, both runs were almost swiuns, not just runs – that 90% plus humidity has a way of just draining you on a run and makes everything that much tougher.

Altra Torin 1.5

Down-back looking up the Blake Road

However and this is a big however, these are the runs that you look back on and know that they made a difference in how your running will be in the fall. These high-humidity slogs are more than just junk miles…they are building that mental toughness we all need to actually achieve our goals and dreams.

Well…at least that is what I keep telling myself ;-).

Run #1

Bennie and I did a run first thing – trying to beat the heat, which we did. However, 94% humidity was still nasty and Bennie didn’t enjoy the mugginess during his run. We went down to the Town Office and back. After we turned around, he made a few pit stops where he lifted his leg and didn’t do anything – he just wanted a quick break.

He was behind me the entire rest of the run – until we got back to where the houses are…then for some reason or t’other he gets in front of me and pulls. As if he had done that the entire run. Damn dawg.

Strava Stats 8-20-15

Strava Stats 8-20-15

Actually it was a lot better run than I thought it would be.

Run #2

I ran around Middle Road 5.0 mile loop and survived the run…so there is not a lot else to talk about with that run, other than to say it is done and time to move on to a good shower.

How did the Altra Torin 1.5’s do?

I used them for both run and during the first one (when I still had some pop in the legs), they were surprisingly quick for a shoes that are over 10 oz. No they are not going to be race day shoes or anything, and I am not planning to do faster-paced runs in them, but they do not get in my way.

Altra Torin 1.5 - they are actually red not orange

Altra Torin 1.5 – they are actually red not orange

One thing is that I still have to dial in the LockLaces, they are close, but on my second run I had to stop to loosen them slightly on the right foot. It wasn’t any bad, just little too sung and once I loosened it by the Town Office it felt a lot better. Overall, I was surprised with how well I ran in them and happy that they do not seem to be bothering my calves at all.


I Found My Perfect Shoe – RunLog 8-19-15

A miracle of sorts has happened.

I finally found my perfect shoe today on my runs. Yeah I ran twice again, a 3.0 miler with Bennie and then a slow 5.0 miler – that was more like swimming than running, but any way…getting back to finding my perfect shoe.

You can tell where my priorities are…running shoes. ;-)

I am such a geek.

Oh well here is my perfect shoe, it is called:

  • Hotra Torton
  • Altoka Clifin

Yeah, I know — disappointing that it is not a real running shoe, but a pipe dream.

This morning when I ran in the Altra Torin 1.5’s for the first time I was reminded how much I love the wide, natural shaped toe-box and the way that the uppers do not bother my feet – at all. Then on my second run, it just re-emphasized how much I love the ride, feel and quietness of the Clifton V1’s.

If only…they made a running shoe with the Torin’s upper/wide toe box and attached it to the Clifton’s more cushioned and rockered sole unit, but keeping the more natural foot shape of the Altra’s, I would be a happy runner.

Alas, that is not reality, it is either one or the other and never the twain shall meet.

Although the Topo Magnify is intriguing, since it might be a blend of those two shoes – well sort of. I will have to see a pair, to see what they are actually like. Continue reading

Juicing a Month Later

About a month ago, I got a helluva deal on gear juicer at a neighbor’s yard sale and wanted to share my thoughts about juicing and what I have learned about it during this time.


Especially since it is something that I always wanted to try, but could never the justify the cost of a “good” juicer for something that I had never done.

Some background first

Now I am not and don’t remotely consider myself an expert on juicing – let’s get that out-of-the-way quick and in a hurry.

It is all pretty new to me. Continue reading

A Rest Day – RunLog 8-17-15

I gotta laugh at the title “A Rest Day”. ;-)

It seems that a rest day in my dictionary has a different meaning than it does for most runners. You know a rest day is that day you don’t run, laze around and not do a lot else. Let’s see what this so-called rest day was for me – so far.

6:00 AM — walk a mile with Bennie. Pretty good we didn’t go for a 3-4 mile run first thing this morning – a pretty good start

7:45 to about 8:15 – a nice little nap, which was nice

8:20 to 8:30 – do the dishes

8:30 – look at thermometer and see it reading 95*F in the sun, so figured that we better get the A/C working and get ready for the Bean’s long walk

8:45 – Finally get out the door…oh yeah I decided that I wanted to see if the Kinvara 5’s did any better with LockLaces in them, so we ended up doing an easy 3.3 miles. I guess 3+ is now considered a part of my “rest” day.

9:30 – 11:30 work on moving a corner of the garden fence, so I could then create a new composting area. Umm very restful and yes, I gave blood several times – damn chicken wire.

After that it was pretty much just normal lunch, you know juicing, heating up leftovers and then doing chores again.

So how did the K5’s do with the different laces? Continue reading