End of Month Runs – RunLog 10-31-14

Today was the first real frost of the Fall, you know that one where you have to scrape off the windows of the car, before you can drive away. So it was a chilly (30F) and dark early morning walk with Bennie :-) .

Bennie’s Run

I was still pretty tired from all the running I did earlier in the week and just planed to go pretty easy until the last little bit. Continue reading

Runfessions – October 2014

It is the last Friday of the month and I am doing my Runfessions for October.

I got the idea from Marcia’s Healthy Slice and it is something that she does on the last Friday of the month and I like it.


1. Last Sunday’s race was important to me, winning a road race outright was something that I had never done before. However, on the way home – I got to thinking about something I should have done at the award ceremony. As a result of winning, I got this big ass trophy, which was cool, but not something that I really need.

Thomas College Terrier 5K - 10-26-14 - Awards Ceremony.4

Thomas College Terrier 5K – 10-26-14 – Awards Ceremony.4

The young fella (in the black shirt to the left of – he was 13) who finished 2nd, kept looking at the trophy like “I should have that”. Continue reading

Do You Mix or Match Brands

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself…

I changed the header on the blog to the finishing photo from the Tomas College Terrier 5K and when I did I got to looking at what I wore that day. I saw a lot of different logo’s.

Thomas College Terrier 5K - 10-26-14 Finish

Thomas College Terrier 5K – 10-26-14 Finish

I might as well start at the top:

  • Life is Good Hat
  • Nike – Merino Wool long sleeve shirt
  • Pearl Izumi – tech sleeveless shirt
  • Asics Running shorts
  • Reebok Compression undershorts
  • Adidas tights
  • Swiftwick Compression socks
  • Skechers GoMeb 2 Running Shoes

A whole lot of brand loyalty going on there – NOT!

Oh well, at least I was semi-color coordinated for a change, even if I didn’t duplicate any particular brands products during that race.

I guess I focus more on what my running gear costs and what will work during that day’s run than I do who made it or the logo that is on it.

I don’t know why I thought this was funny, but when I look at other runners or photos of runners, I tend to see them wearing more or less one brand, not the mismatched ensemble that I accidentally put together last Sunday.

What about you, do you usually match the brands that you run in or do you just throw on whatever and don’t worry if the Brands you are wearing are completely different?

Looking Back – 7 Year Blog Anniversary

Over the past few weeks, I have been pretty busy and forgot a very important anniversary.

No, not that kind of anniversary, but my blogging anniversary on October 21, 2007, I wrote my first Blog Post on a Blogger blog called “My Thoughts”.

It wasn’t a post that changed world events or even all that long.

Here is my first post.

October 21, 2007

I just want to talk a bit about how difficult it is to teach in today’s world. How do you decide how to teach with

Blogs, Wikki, Open SourceProprietaryGoogleFaceBookYouTubeTeacherTube and everything else that is out there to “help” you teach. All these things that I am just starting to see, but not yet use in the classroom. I am willing to start, but am feeling very overwhelmed.

Technology is not new to me, I have been using computers since the old Vic 20 with a cassette tape as an OS, but I am a bit intimidated about using all these web based applications to “assist” me in my classroom teaching.

If anyone out there can assuage my uncertainty or give me some helpful hints to help me be successful ;)


In honor of that post, I am going to forego photos, images or other fancy dan blogging tricks to make the post more palatable and just give you words, like I did that first post.

Looking back I can chuckle about how unsophisticated I was about blogging and the journey it would help me take over the next 7 years. What happened with the points I raised/talked about in that first post? Continue reading

Rungry and So Very Tired – RunLog 10-29-14

I think the title sums up today’s run’s, how the pit monster mauled me and how I attacked the dinner table tonight at supper and after.

Over the past 4 days I have done:

Sunday: 5K Race with warm-up and cool-down and…

This week - so far

This week – so far

They all caught up with me – a race, longer run, speed work (tough progression run) and a long run today.

WTF are you doing you dumb shit!!! You are still 57 years old and old enough to know damn well that you can’t be doing this kind of workload any more.

Ummm Jeep repair issues, uncertainty on when it would be done and needing to go get it today, made Harold run a little more than usual. Actually, I didn’t want to bother Mary’s work routine and since mine is a LOT more flexible, I did what needed to be done. Continue reading

Thomas College Terrier 5K – Photos

On Sunday, I had one of those races, you just smile about – a lot.

My time didn’t matter for a change and it was all about the finish :-) . You can read more about it on my Thomas College Terrier 5K recap.

Luckily, Jen Buker – the Director of Public Relations at Thomas College was also taking photos that day and has graciously allowed me to share them on my blog.

Thomas College Terrier 5K - 10-26-14 Finish

Thomas College Terrier 5K – 10-26-14 Finish

Continue reading

First Run in Pearl Izumi N2 Tri Running Shoes

I finally broke open the box with the N2 Tri’s in them…they had been sitting on the dresser for almost 3 weeks (can you believe I resisted that long!!!).

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Tri Running Shoes

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Tri Running Shoes – Purposely used the flash on the camera to show the reflective properties

I got them to be the replacement for my N2 Roads, since they have over 270 miles on them and my N1 Roads are over 200 miles. Continue reading


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