5 Most Memorable Races – Friday Five

This has been hanging around in my drafts folder for a while and since I am trying to clean it out, I figure it is time to get some of them out – finally.

A while ago, I was reading Michelle’s post over at Running With Attitude — Friday Five – Race Memories, where she wrote about her five most memorable races.  It was very motivating to read about them and it seems like a lot of other bloggers are jumping aboard this meme, so I figured that I would invite myself to the party ;-) .

My 5 most memorable races, were not always because I had great results, because it doesn’t work that way. They each have their own story and reason for being here.

1975 – Penquis Relays League Track Meet

High School the Not So Glory Days This was one of those races that showed me that I had some potential as a runner. It was also the only meet I went to my senior year of high school and while surpassed even my own expectations and definitely surprised everyone else. I won the 100 and 220 yard dashes with some pretty damn decent times and anchoring a 2nd place finish in the 4 x 220 relay and was accused of being a ringer :-) .

Harold Graduation photo - 1975

Harold Graduation photo – 1975

Unfortunately, the results at this meet led to certain expectations from myself and others that I could not and would never live up to. Continue reading

Rain and Treadmill – RunLog 10-23-14

Ah the season’s first Nor’Easter is still going on. All I can say is – thank goodness it wasn’t snow, otherwise we would be up to our asses in it ;-) .

Just a little nasty out

Just a little nasty out

Even so, the weather wasn’t all that fun to run in 44F, heavy rain and wind. Just lovely weather to run in, so Bennie and I were right out in the middle of it. He wasn’t all that thrilled about running today and kept urging me to get my ass in gear and move faster.
I did a pretty good job of staying pretty slow until towards the bottom of the hill over on Tiffany. Then he spotted the mail delivery truck and a SUV was going by. Needless to say, we went into full chase mode and I didn’t have a lot of choice about whether I wanted to speed up or not.
Strava Bennie Run 10-23-14

Strava Bennie Run 10-23-14

You can see the sudden dip in pace and we were off. I managed to slow us down a little, but that damn mail truck was stopping at every mail box and was just close enough to keep Bennie’s undivided attention. Which meant that we were still going faster than I really had planned.
On the way back we picked the pace up a little, but at a controlled pace, not an all out sprint.

My Run

My plan originally was to do 5.0 miles easy but steady miles on the treadmill at Champions. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like getting out in this crappy weather again.
I forgot my iPhone, so it meant, just the gym’s music while on the treadmill, which is not what I wanted. One thing that I do need when running on the treadmill is my music, the gym’s speakers just don’t cut it. So that sucked.
All I wanted to do after the first mile was just get it over with and at that point, I decided to just finish up a 5K and call it good.
  • 1.0 – 7.2 mph
  • 1.0 – 7.3 mph
  • .25 – 7.4 mph
  • .25 – 7.5 mph
  • .25 – 7.6 mph
  • .25 – 8.6 mph
  • .10 – 9.5 mph

It turned into a nice little progression run, I felt strong during the whole thing and could have done a lot more at a faster pace, but I was a good boy.

Strava Bennie Run 10-23-14

Strava Bennie Run 10-23-14

Again the TomTom GPS watch is not very accurate on the treadmill – oh well, I thought I calibrated it, but I guess it didn’t take. However, at the end where the graph goes straight up is where I stopped running so I have a good stopping point and actual time it took to finish 3.1 miles

The GoMeb2’s did great, so I will wear them on Sunday.

Two good runs.

Taking Control of What I Can Control

Photo by David Colby Young at the Patriots Day 5 Miler in Portland, ME.

Photo by David Colby Young at the Patriots Day 5 Miler in Portland, ME.

Quite the title – huh?

However, it says something that I need to do and so far from what I can see haven’t. Sometimes you do not see the obviousness of something, until you read it someplace else. Which is why I love the wide variety of blogs that I read and learn from.

I was going through my RSS feeds yesterday and was reading a post from The Art of Manliness post and this quote really got my attention:

“Remember that among the things over which we have complete control are the goals we set for ourselves. I think that when a Stoic concerns himself with things over which he has some but not complete control, such as winning a tennis match, he will be very careful about the goals he sets for himself

In particular, he will be careful to set internal rather than external goals. Thus, his goal in playing tennis will not be to win a match (something external, over which he has only partial control) but to play to the best of his ability in the match (something internal, over which he was complete control).

By choosing this goal, he will spare himself frustration or disappointment should he lose the match: Since it was not his goal to win the match, he will not have failed to attain his goal, as long as he played his best. His tranquility will not be disrupted.” William Irvine

I have never really been into reading a lot of philosophy and certainly do not consider myself an adherent of stoicism. However, the above quote really hit home, when I put it in the context of running, (which I tend to do with many of the things I read).

It made me think about all the problems I have with racing from a slightly perspective. Continue reading

Moving Back to the MacBook Pro

Although the post’s title is Back to the Mac, to be completely accurate, it should be Moving to Apple.

Photo by Harold Shaw of MacBook Pro back

Photo by Harold Shaw of MacBook Pro back


After I got my iPhone 5c a couple of weeks ago (see iPhone My Phone), I decided to dig out my old MacBook Pro and use it.

The more I played around with it – the more I enjoyed using my MBP and since I downloaded Yosemite, I really like the way it looks and works. Also I have started using more and more of the Apple software.

Isn’t that the way it works sometimes, you put something on the shelf and then after trying several other things, you find that you had the solution sitting right there all along. Continue reading

A Good Day for Speedwork – RunLog 10-21-14

This morning’s Bennie run was in the 40’s and just felt really nice, although I did wear tights and a couple of layers on top. Although while I was heading out into the breeze, I would have loved to have had on my gloves, but I lived through it ;-) .

Before the storm

Before the storm, it was great weather for a run.

I was checking out my hunting season colors/clothes to make sure everything fit right and it did just fine. It happens in a couple of weeks are you ready? Continue reading

An Easier Day – RunLog 10-20-14

Brrrr, when I stepped out the door at 5:50 this morning, the thermometer said it was 35F and with a 10 mph breeze, it was definitely chilly. I was happy for the gloves, 4 layers and head band that I was wearing.

Looking back towards Blake Road, Fall is here.

Looking back towards Blake Road, the leaves are just about gone – Fall is definitely here.

It was a little better later at the low 50’s, but all the warmth is now gone.

Welcome back Fall. Continue reading

Week In Review – 10-12-14

As usual I am going to start last week’s review by showing my favorite running photo:

MST 10-15-14 Just a nice photo from today's run

Messalonskee Stream Trail – Up back on the snowmobile trails off the power line

The weather was screwy, in the 60-70’s most of the week, so the runs were done in more early September-like weather than mid October. I know that Saturday’s long run in the low 70’s was pretty brutal. However, the cooler weather is back and this morning when I walked Bennie, I was glad to have on gloves, my ear band and multiple layers.

The real October is BAAAACCCCKKKK.

My technology change back to Apple’s silo, is going great and I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X Yosemite. I really like the changes that they have done and IOS 8 is working great on my iPhone 5C.

The change back to being in the Apple ecosystem has gone well. I have drafted and re-drafted a how it is going post, sometime over the next week or so, there will be a blog post, with me pontificating more details about how the switch has gone.

Okay, I did run and yes, I feel that I ran pretty well.

Continue reading


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