Gotta Luv The Weather – RunLog 9-16-14

Ahhh my first RunLog post on Harold’s Running Chronicles

Yesterday doesn’t really count! Being sick for your first RunLog post was/is not really how I want to begin writing about my runs.

So here is today’s RunLog post and yes it will be about running – eventually.

Although I wondered when I first got up this morning, I still had a pretty good headache and even though I only had about 6 awake hours yesterday (5 came after TheWife came home), I still felt exhausted.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but I fell back asleep from about 7:00 to 9:00 this morning – out like a light, don’t remember a thing and the funny thing was that Bennie didn’t complain a bit – he simply slept in my lap ;-).

Once I did that I felt pretty good, when I woke back up.

When I got ready to run, it was raining lightly, in the mid 50’s, with a light breeze from the south – my idea of a perfect day for a run,


Despite the perfect for me weather, because of yesterday – I decided to a do an effort based pace and not worry about time or if I was running fast.

Ummmm yeah right – Bennie also had a day off yesterday and was more than willing to drag my ass a lot faster than I was planning on going.

Well, it is Tuesday and that means it is speed work today – I guess he remembered.

I kept myself and Bennie mostly under control and didn’t push too hard, even though at times was pulling pretty hard to get me moving faster. Continue reading

End of the Streak – RunLog 9-15-14

Yeah, it is not even noon yet and I have decided to bag all possibilities of getting a run in.

Something is biting me square in the ass – well more like the stomach, head, chills/hot, weak as a kitten and now all that is left is the dry heaves = feeling pretty nasty. When I woke up this morning, I had a headache, we feeling a little nauseous and didn’t feel like eating anything for breakfast.

Yeah I feel just ducky

Yeah I feel just ducky

Whatever is beating on me, it means that I am definitely not running today.  Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled

Over the past couple of months and especially the past few days, I have been in kind of a funk, when it comes to blogging and social media, you can read more about that here.

I have attempted several small changes, taken mini-breaks, made minor blog name changes, re-focused how I use social media (much less), reduced the numbers in my feed readers, but all the minor changes have not really made all that much difference in how I feel.

Tired of social media!

I have a feeling that a lot of what I am feeling is that I have become more than a little jaded about what social media is becoming (after all isn’t it all about the money and how to get your share of it) for far too many people.

Yes, I also know that I can choose who I follow using social media, which sites I go to and all that, but…as social media sites continue to search for ways to monetize, some things seem to be changing and not – at least from my perspective, always for the better.

Fortunately, here are a LOT of good people and brand out there simply trying make a living or supplement their income with social media, who are doing things the right way.

However, there are also a lot of people and brands who do not give a rat’s ass about how they make their money, quotas or inflate their stats, which are so, so important to them and there seem to be more of these on social media every day.

I know that I am tired of the increasing barrage of ads/brands hawking their wares or the “in your face” pop and push from sites, that attempt to get you to subscribe to this, buy that or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, which are so freaking annoying. Especially when all I want to do is read a post or find out more about something that has been published on that site.

When I look back at for how long I played the “if you do this, you too can…fill in the blank”, I knew it was time to do a re-boot/re-set/re-start or whatever to hell you want to call it. Continue reading

Week In Review – 9-14-14

There have been a lot of changes this week.

  • A new blog
  • A new Twitter handle – @haroldlshaw
  • A new attitude

Basically, I was in a funk about how I wanted to keep going with social media and finally decided to start over with my blog and Twitter account for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it was time to move on and leave the past behind. :-)

Which means I am ending the week on an “up” note and looking forward all the changes.

The temps have broken this week and this morning was 45F when we got up. So the weather is not that humid, nasty stuff and thankfully not the cold, nasty stuff either (yet). No, now is the best time of the year for running 40’s and 50’s with a lot lower humidity.

Bennie is continuing to love his morning runs and this morning, we had finished up at the Lower Gate when one of the better local runners came by us around the Upper Gate. Bennie wanted to go with him and I figured I could keep up for a the quarter-mile left to get back to the house.

David was barely working and was gracious about us running with him, you really do not realize how fast a good runner is actually going, because they run so smoothly, until you try to keep up with them.

I did well, but it sure as hell wasn’t all that smooth, more like a riding lawn mower, trying to keep up with a Porsche – I am not going to do it for very long and only if he lets me.

Good reality check.

It was a good thing.

Continue reading

Welcome to Harold’s Running Chronicles

IMG_20140824_112356_101Yes, yet another new blog from the guy who just cannot just stick with the same blog – how many have you started now Harold?

Probably too many, but…

Guess what – I really do not care, my reasons for moving here are my own.

If you are really interested you can read about why I decided to start over again – here and here.

Blogging is something I now do as a hobby and because I want to, not because I have to.

Which means I am going to have fun with my blog and do it my way this time.

What will “Harold’s Running Chronicles” focus on?

Continue reading


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