Effort Based Running – RunLog 10-1-14

Another perfect day for running!


Cloudy, mid 50’s, a breeze out of the north, with the threat of rain, is my kind of running weather. Cool, but not cold. Plus it is pretty much peak color, so the running was fun.

Spreadsheet 10-1-14

Spreadsheet 10-1-14

Bennie Run

The Bean was full of piss and vinegar today, he started out like a house a fire and then when we turned around, he tugged and pulled on the leash until we got back to Blake Road. Continue reading

September 2014–A Good Month

Favorite Photo from September



For me September was all about consistency…I had a 41 day running streak end, only took 1 day off in September, held my mileage between 40 & 50 miles a week and made it over 180 miles for the month. So I have been very happy with how consistent I have been.

Although, my pace is slower, much slower than it was in April, I am starting to run better again. It just seems as though my stride is just not as fluid as it was before the hamstring injury and my left leg continues to be a pain-in-the-ass, but not enough to stop running.

Due to my left leg, I have cut back on the speed work and focused more on just getting my miles in.

Social Media

About half-way through the month, I decided to start over with my blog and either reduce or “begin again” with much of my social media presence.

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UMA Trail Run–RunLog 9-30-14

Today was cool, overcast high 40’s and a few sprinkles, so it was my idea of a perfect day for running. After yesterday’s Bennie run and how he reacted about going downback, I decided to head on over to UMA to run the trails there.

It was a good decision.


Bennie was relaxed and acted like he wanted to run today. However, where it was a new place to run for him, he was all over the trail…back and forth, fast, slow, in front, in back, which made for some interesting running and pacing.

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Back to Decent Weather – RunLog 9-29-14

Well we are back to more seasonable weather and I know that I like it a lot better. Mostly cloudy, a little breezy and in the high 50’s with a sneak-peek of sun once in a while – yeah pretty much perfect in my opinion.

Colors are just about at their peak.

Colors are just about at their peak

Colors are just about at their peak

Bennie’s Run

Bennie was a little, “oh well” about running this morning and did not act his usual enthusiastic self about running. After we got to the upper gate, Bennie began to slow down and about 50 yards past the gate he stopped. He put his nose up in the air and planted his ass and refused to go any further.

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Week In Review – 9-28-14

The big news is the weather – wait a minute it will change. This week was more like July than late-September this weekend, which meant that it was great running weather at the start of the week and kind of sucked the last few days.

It is amazing how quickly your acclimatization to heat.

I didn’t run my race on Friday and even though I probably would have been/done just fine, it was the right decision for that day.

This morning's sunrise

This morning’s sunrise

Bennie continues to run most days with me and today when we did “strides” together, he loved it. Maybe I should do more of my speed work, he makes me work a lot harder than I would otherwise.

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Friday Five: Runfessions

I was going through and reading my blog feed and Michelle’s post today caught my attention Friday Five: Runfessions – Running with Attitude, who got it from Marcia, from Marcia’s Healthy Slice,


So here are my 5 Runfessions:

Runfessions #1 — I was relieved when I decided yesterday not to run the Rise ‘N Shine 5K this morning. Oh, I made lots of excuses why I didn’t want to run this race, which was my Goal race for the fall and it didn’t have anything to do with my race anxiety crap.

The bottom-line was that I was getting really bad vibes from someplace about this race and it came down to trusting my gut feelings. This morning at 6:30 A.M. I didn’t feel as if I should be in Augusta and I felt that I made the absolutely correct decision. Continue reading

The Rock Monster – RunLog 9-25-14

What in the hell is The Rock Monster or as I know him better The Dirt Road Troll?

This morning's sunrise

This morning’s sunrise

More on that in minute.

Bennie and I were going to do a nice easy run this morning, after yesterday’s run at Bond Brook, I didn’t want to over-tax him too much.

I didn’t need to worry.

We made it about 50 yards down the road and a car came screaming by and Bennie went into full chase mode. Continue reading


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