An Easier Day – RunLog 10-20-14

Brrrr, when I stepped out the door at 5:50 this morning, the thermometer said it was 35F and with a 10 mph breeze, it was definitely chilly. I was happy for the gloves, 4 layers and head band that I was wearing.

Looking back towards Blake Road, Fall is here.

Looking back towards Blake Road, the leaves are just about gone – Fall is definitely here.

It was a little better later at the low 50’s, but all the warmth is now gone.

Welcome back Fall. Continue reading

Week In Review – 10-12-14

As usual I am going to start last week’s review by showing my favorite running photo:

MST 10-15-14 Just a nice photo from today's run

Messalonskee Stream Trail – Up back on the snowmobile trails off the power line

The weather was screwy, in the 60-70’s most of the week, so the runs were done in more early September-like weather than mid October. I know that Saturday’s long run in the low 70’s was pretty brutal. However, the cooler weather is back and this morning when I walked Bennie, I was glad to have on gloves, my ear band and multiple layers.

The real October is BAAAACCCCKKKK.

My technology change back to Apple’s silo, is going great and I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X Yosemite. I really like the changes that they have done and IOS 8 is working great on my iPhone 5C.

The change back to being in the Apple ecosystem has gone well. I have drafted and re-drafted a how it is going post, sometime over the next week or so, there will be a blog post, with me pontificating more details about how the switch has gone.

Okay, I did run and yes, I feel that I ran pretty well.

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I Might Have Over Done It Today – RunLog 10-18-14

I think the title says it all.


It definitely says it all.

My body is saying nasty things to the brain, about how freaking dumb, stupid, idiotic, amongst some other not so repeatable comments.

Okay, what did you do now to be Harold being Harold today?

  • It started out pretty normal – you know the usual short morning run with Bennie, I made sure this one was easy, because I knew that I would be doing my long run later.
Strava Bennie Run Stats 10-18-14

Strava Bennie Run Stats 10-18-14

  • However, due to the storm that was coming in, having to go to Boston tomorrow and the weather forecast for next week, I knew that I had to get some of the yard raking done. So I went ahead raked leaves for over an hour.
  • Then we ate lunch – I had PBJ and Wavy Lays in anticipation of my long run up to Waterville. About 10 minutes after finishing lunch, I was getting ready to run.
  • Now this run was going to be pretty close to 14.0 miles, the longest I have done since April and the weather was gorgeous, bright sunshine and low 70’s. which meant it was a little warm for this time of year and tough for a long run.

I wanted to stay right around a 9:00 minute pace, but as soon as I started, I knew that was going to be tough, my legs already felt tired and my hamstrings were tight.

Definitely not the way that I wanted to feel less than a mile into a 13+ mile run.

It was going to be a long one in more ways than just the distance.

Here are the stats:

Strava Stats 10-18-14

Strava Stats 10-18-14

Based on how I was feeling before the 1.0 mile mark, I decided to bag the idea of a certain pace and just go by effort and as you can see I really slowed down a lot over the course of the run. Yeah it got harder – go figure.

After 6.0 I had to find a private spot in the woods and then after I stopped to take this picture, things just fell apart.


The sky on my long run 10-18-14

By mile 10.0, I was hoping that TheWife was going to drive by on her way to where we were meeting – I would have stopped her and canned the run. I was tired, sore and ready for this run to be done.

She never went by.

Which meant that I just had to keep going.

Those last 3.7 miles – well to be honest they sucked.

I was glad when the run was done, but it showed me that I can keep going, even when I really didn’t want to and that I can do it.

Still I do wish that TheWife had driven by ;-).

Also, I can’t expect to run a couple of miles earlier in the day, rake leaves for over an hour and still have a quality long that afternoon in 70+ temps. I ain’t 20 anymore and being so frigging stubborn or abusing this old bod like this is going to cause more problems than my body bitching out my brains.

Oh well, I lived through it, but I have a feeling that tomorrow’s flip/flop trip to Boston is going to be rather uncomfortable.

In Between the RainDrops – RunLog 10-17-14

October 17th is usually is a pretty tough day for me, it would have been mom’s birthday, yeah I still miss her. Showing the human side of me ;-). Plus I am worried about D2 now, so I had a lot on my mind going into the run.

Mom in living room Newport

Mom in living room Newport

Hard to believe it has been 5 years.

Bennie’s Run

The rain doesn’t really bother me or Bennie all that much – it is more a nuisance than anything, unless it is a downpour. Luckily the heavy rains stopped just before we went out for our run and then there was a little sun shower right after we got back. So we didn’t get wet from the rain. Continue reading

Now That Was A Sudden Change of Plans – RunLog 10-16-14

I don’t usually mind changing things around on the fly, but this was a bit ridiculous.

Let’s back up a little.

I woke up this morning with one of those lurking background headaches that I seem to get when there is a big weather change coming down the road, but it wasn’t a big deal.

You know I don’t mind warmer weather 66F in mid October, but the 99% humidity sure does make it miserable and pretty hard to see out of your glasses


I can’t see a damn thing, because my glasses have fogged up!

Bennie and I did our morning run, nothing spectacular. We actually stayed right around 8:30’s (despite the sudden blip – a Bennie potty break), Continue reading

Pearl Izumi N1 Road – 200 Mile Review

I have over 200 miles on my Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road 8/16/14 running shoes, which means – I get to write about them again.

Here were my initial impressions from my first run, why I chose to buy the N1 Roads and my 50 Mile Review of the N1 Roads.

My previous reviews of the N1 Roads have been very positive. Over the years I have learned if a running shoe makes it to the 200 mile review, I really know how it has worked for me.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads

What do I think of the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads after 200 plus miles, without all the hype? Continue reading

Bennie Was Busy Running Today – RunLog 10-15-14

After having the day off yesterday, Bennie certainly made up for it today.

It was absolutely gorgeous out there today, on Bennie’s run it was in the low 60’s, a bit humid and cloudy, so the weather cooperated for the most part.

Strava Bennie Run 10-15-14

Strava Bennie Run 10-15-14

The run wasn’t particularly fast, we focused on keeping a steady mile pace (the graph really isn’t that good for saying you have a steady pace) the first 2 miles and then picking it up after Blake Hill.


Nice run and Bennie behaved himself for the most part, except for barking at the cows a bit too much. He wanted to go in and “play” with them. I have a feeling that Bob, might get a little upset with me if Bennie got in there and started chasing the Beef Critters around ;-). Continue reading


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