Bennie’s First Double – RunLog 12-19-14

Hey – there was that strange bright thing in the sky that hurts your eyes when you look at it too long – I have been told that is that mythological thing that appears from time-to-time, something called the sun.

The Bennie Bean

The Bennie Bean

I checked my TomTom this morning and again it was discharged, so I used my Garmin FR10. It seems like I am doing this more and more – oh well at least the Garmin is reliable, if it wasn’t so damn slow to pickup signal.

Bennie did something I haven’t tried before, 2 runs and the little bugger still ran better than I did on both runs. Continue reading →

Rain Yesterday – Snow Today – RunLog 12-18-14

Well, yesterday I survived running in a cold torrential downpour and today, Bennie and I ran in 2-3 inches of new wet snow on top of slushy ice.

Just wait a minute and the weather will change.

The strangest part is that the temps are not that different yesterday’s rain was 35* to 40*F and today’s snow was 32*-36*F. A few degrees and a big difference. However, I am pretty glad that it was rain yesterday or we would have had a lot more snow and a lot of driveway cleanup to keep up with.

Oh well, the weather is as the weather does, so how did the run go today?


That was the operative word – go slow, don’t fall.

Strava - Stats 12-18-14

Strava – Stats 12-18-14

Yesterday’s rain did leave slushy slop underneath the new 2-3 inches which gave a little grip, but each step was an adventure. Continue reading →

Wet and Windy Back Cove Run – RunLog 12-17-14

I had to take SD1 to the Portland JetPort and when I go to Portland one of the things that I like to do is run around Back Cove/Back Bay (whichever you prefer to call it). I have run this course over the years and it is just one of those places I love to run.

However, today was one of those days, that about 1/2 mile into the run, I wished that I had decided to do something else.

Back Cove Portland, Maine 12-17-14

Back Cove Portland, Maine 12-17-14

The photo doesn’t do the conditions justice. It was between 35-40*F, raining like hell, with icy rain every so often (which I call needle rain, because when it hits bare skin, it feels like needles), then you add in the brisk wind – somewhere around 20 mph with gusts above that. Continue reading →


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